It’s a Boy.

Today, I got to go to a doctor’s appointment with my youngest step-daughter for another ultrasound.  Although, she did have one at the beginning of the month the baby wasn’t overly cooperative.  He didn’t want his picture taken.

He didn’t want to have people pushing and prodding on him.  He was also sitting on his umbilical cord, so they had a bit of trouble seeing if he was, in fact, a boy.  Today, definitely confirmed that he is in fact, a boy.  There was a junk sighting.

Today, we were there with one of her friends, her friends baby, and her Mom.  You would think that after almost thirteen years of my husband and I being together, that his ex-wife would stop taking digs at me, but she always has, and I believe at this point, that she always will.

I usually don’t say anything to her.  Probably makes me seem weird, but it’s just best for all of us if I keep quiet.

This is because if I opened my mouth or responded to anything she says I would most likely end up in a brawl.  I was wearing a nice new dress today.  I would sure hate to get blood on it.

It’s not really that she is even outwardly nasty.  It is just the little digs.  The little, “I’m better than you are’s…” that seem to come out of her mouth.  She also cannot stand that I have anything to do with “her” grandchildren.

Way back when, right after my husband and I got married, the oldest step-daughter graduated from high school.  We got married in March, and in May she graduated, she had lived with him from the time she was twelve because her mom couldn’t handle her.  We had an open house in our home after the ceremony.  Our friends were there, my family, my husband’s family. 

She and her sister showed up an hour after things had started.  She walked right past me, and into my house.  Did not knock.  Did not ask to be let in.  Did not introduce herself to me, nothing.  She started things on the wrong foot with me for sure. 

She ignored my family, she talked for a minute to my Mother-in-law, made herself a plate, ate her food and some cake, and left.

The epitome of rude.

I can’t stand her.

Okay, rant about the ex-wife over.  I could go on for days, probably repeating myself over and over and over.

So back to the ultra-sound.  My youngest step-daughter is kind of a big girl.  They had trouble getting a good look at the little boy, and I think that this most likely had a bit to do with it.

It also gave me flashbacks to the last ultra-sound that I had which was nearly twenty years ago.  Mack was twelve days late.  I had an ultra-sound sometime in those last twelve days to make sure there was enough fluid, and that she was still cooking okay. 

Let me tell you that I think technology has really improved in the last twenty years.  They were able to tell how much he weighed, how long he was, you could see everything.  With Mack on that last ultrasound, they said that they thought she was a five to six-pounder.

They were wrong.

Very, very wrong.

She was 9 pounds, 4 ounces.  Not even close to a five to six-pounder.


They also could never see what she was.  I was convinced that she was a boy.  Wrong again.

Then today I started thinking of when my friend Anna had her first baby.  The doctors were positive that she was having a girl.  Pink baby shower, pink walls in the nursery, scads of dresses and pink sleepers.

Her son looked pretty funny in a dress.

I am glad that we were all able to see the baby boys business.  There is no doubt.  I was able to share his name with my husband today.  The baby is going to have his middle name.  He is excited to have one of the grandson’s named after him.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about my husband’s middle name.  It’s a good one.


4 Comments on “It’s a Boy.”

  1. I wanna punch his ex. Seriously rude. No wonder he married you! (I’m sure she’s jealous, but no excuse).

  2. Jen says:

    Seriously? Seriously? Ugh.

  3. Heather says:

    I hope the ultrasound your friend had was awhile ago. Ours said this baby is a girl and EVERYTHING we have is girl. If it comes out a boy I will cry.

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