Grandma Nancy

A few weeks ago, we had a friend of Mea’s over for a playdate.  The girls get along really well, and aside from the black eye that I ended up with, it was a fun playdate.

Mea’s friend Millie is the one who said this.  I nearly went off the rails of the crazy train if you remember.  Mea’s teacher had assured me that she thought that it was confusion about their lessons about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I honestly do think that is what happened.  After that incident, they came back and talked to the kids about race, segregation, and Dr. King, and the next day Mea and her friend were playing again.

I took them to the park.  (Where Mea got scared on the monkey bars, and when I got under her to have her drop into my arms, she elbowed me in the eye.)  We went to lunch.  We played in the backyard.  They watched a movie, they made friendship bracelets, and had lots of fun.

While we were eating lunch, I asked Millie about her parents.  I know that she lives with her grandma, but I didn’t know if her parents lived there as well, or what the story was.

I was not prepared for the answer.

“My Dad is in jail.  He stabbed someone.  My grandma doesn’t let my Mom come over anymore.”

My sweet little Mea says, “What does ‘stab someone’ mean?”

Millie started to answer, I interrupted and said, “He got into a bad fight, honey.”

My husband has been taking Mea to the local pool when his day off falls on a weekday, and he had some time to speak with Grandma Nancy the last time they had one of their pool days.  She is Millie’s Great Grandma.  She and her husband have four of their great-grandchildren living with them, Millie and her three older siblings.

After figuring out a few things, I found out that Millie’s dad has a record about a hundred miles long.  Her mother, is almost as bad.  The grandmother, (not great but regular grandma), also has a record.

No wonder the kids live with Grandma Nancy. 

At some point when my husband was talking to her, he said something to her about what a sweetie Millie is.  She looked at him, and said, “Do you want her?”

It caught him off guard and he didn’t know what to say.

He doesn’t think she was joking.

So sad.

She is 70 years old.  When Millie graduates from high school, she will be 82.  It is quite possible that she isn’t joking.

How amazing is it that she and her husband have taken on all four of these kids?  How heartbreaking is it that this little six-year old girl knows all of this?  What happens to these kids if something happens to their great-grandparents?

Just is enough to break your heart.

It makes me thankful for my kids, and husband, and to my parents for raising my sister and I right.


3 Comments on “Grandma Nancy”

  1. libbylogic says:

    And I can’t get pregnant. Bitter. Yes, I am.

    • Kelly says:

      I know it, Libby. Just makes me sick sometimes. They went to the pool again today, and Grandma Nancy said that the father has said that when he gets out of prison he is fighting her for custody. He has at least 3 years left to go.

  2. Jen says:

    Things like this are hard to take in.

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