Mack Questions My Parenting Skillz

Last night, Mea and I were playing around, just being silly.  We had just watched, Mars Needs Moms, and she was pretending to be an alien.  She was beeping, and booping at me, and I was pretending I understood what she was saying.

We have played many games, unlimited pretending games, but this was the first time that Mea had been an alien.  She was talking to me in her own “alien language” and was walking around with some crazy alien walk.

Then she did this….

Now, I don’t really know why putting her lava lamp night-light in her mouth was “alien like” but she insisted it was.  She was being silly, I was being silly, we were having fun.

I posted the photo to Facebook and Instagram, so I am sure that many of you have already seen it.  Mack commented on the Facebook post, and sent me a text.  She was very concerned with the fact that I was allowing her little sister to put the plug end of the night-light in her mouth.

Um, hello?  It’s not like it was plugged in.

Unless, Mea can magically conduct electricity through her mouth, like Uncle Fester or something, I just don’t think it was that big of a deal.  She knows not to play with plugs, she doesn’t even plug-in her own DS, Kindle, or any other electronic device.

I was quite sure she wasn’t going to get electrocuted.

I texted Mack back and assured her that I wasn’t going to let her little sister get electrocuted.  She wouldn’t let it go.  She was quite concerned.

I did remind her at that point that I had raised her, and that the last time that I checked she was nearly twenty years old, and that she had grown up just fine.  That I seldom, to my knowledge, put her in danger of electrocution, or anything other danger for that matter.

This shut her up pretty quickly.

Jeez, can’t a mom and her girl just be silly?



One Comment on “Mack Questions My Parenting Skillz”

  1. Jen says:

    True. Sometimes Moms want to be silly too, don’t we?

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