Input Requested! Kids Adoption Books

Mea and I sat and read several of her favorite adoption themed books last night.  As we read, I ask her questions about what she thinks is going to happen, and she interjects questions here and there, or thoughts about what is going on with the characters.  This is a great thing to start doing when your kids are little, gets their little minds thinking about what happens next, what the characters are doing, feeling, seeing, etc.

I always encourage her questions whenever and whatever we are reading, because it means that she is comprehending, and thinking as we go along in the story.  Sometimes, we will put the book down and talk for a while if one of her questions needs a little more discussion.

We have many adoption related books at home.  Several of which I purchased after reading reviews from Lisa at Three Cats and a Baby

As we were reading a few of them yesterday, it just seemed like there was a bit of a component missing in our stories as it relates to Mea.  Most of the books that we have start for the child (or animal) at their birth, unless they are talking about international adoption, which is also not applicable to Mea.

I have seen other books that talk about foster care adoption, but it seems like many of these are geared toward older children, and/or children who had been with their biological parent before entering foster care and then ultimately going through TPR, and then adoption.

I would like to see something about blended families, trans-racial families, open adoption and younger child adoption via foster care. 

I am thinking that I may see if I can get Mack to help me on this project.  My thought is to make our own book.  I will come up with the written text, and I am going to get her to illustrate it.  I am also thinking that we could come up with some basic designs that could be changed up based on the particulars of the adoption story, boy, girl, black, white, asian, different family members included, etc.  If the illustration is basic enough, it could be something that we could personalize based on the specifics of any family.

If this was something that was available to custom make for your little one, would you buy it?

*Updated to add:  If you can share this post with anyone else in the adoption world that you think would be interested I would appreciate it.  Just trying to get views and opinions!  Thanks!


5 Comments on “Input Requested! Kids Adoption Books”

  1. kimbelina says:

    Adoption-related books are a bit of a mixed bag — we usually use them to demonstrate the different ways in which families are formed, even if none of them quite reflect my own kids’ situations.

    I think I’d be interested in a customizable book (for the moment, we scroll through my Flickr account and narrate their stories).

  2. Becky says:

    I agree with kimbelina. While none of the adoptions books I’ve found mirror my boys’ stories exactly, they’re ever so helpful in just opening conversations (and thoughts) about what families look like, how they’re formed, etc…

  3. Allison says:

    Did you ever create your own book? Did you find other suitable books on the topic of adoption?

    I stumbled across your post as part of my round-up of books on adoption, which I have just started:

    I’d love to have your comments on my posts!

    • Kelly says:

      We haven’t made our own book yet, but I have started talking to my oldest about how we could go about it.

      There are many great children’s books that are adoption focused. I will pop by your blog & check it out. 🙂

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