How We Met…

On Friday night, we went over to a friend’s home for some grown up time.  We had a few adult beverages, and ordered fancy pizza with more than just cheese on it.  (Sometimes it’s the little things in life!)

My husband loves to tell people about how we met, and our first date.  It is not an overly exciting story, but he loves to talk about it.  I think it’s really sweet.

So another couple was there with us, that we know socially from our friends.  My husband had a few drinks in him, and starts telling them our first date story.

The night we met, a friend of mine took me to a bar that he DJ’ed at to introduce me to him, specifically so that I could meet him.  He was working, so didn’t have much time to talk.  We stayed long enough for me to meet him, and give him my phone number.

He called me at work the next day, and asked me to go to dinner with him the following Saturday.

I asked him if he wanted me to meet him somewhere, he said he was picking me up.  Which he did.  He took me to an Italian restaurant that is one of the oldest, and best, in our city, that I had actually never been to before that night.  Delicious.  After dinner, he took me to a club where his cousin’s band was playing and we listened to the band and danced a little.  Then he took me home, and that was it.  A little goodnight kiss, and the date was over.

All in all, a nice date.

A real date.

We have seen each other every single day since, with the exception of times when one of us has been out-of-town for work functions.

He tells this story, and in this way every single time.  There are many people who have heard it multiple times.  He tells it a lot.

The part that I remember, that really made me like this guy that I ended up married to?

As we were walking from the car into the club where we went to see the band, we had to walk a little ways from where we had parked.  It was January, bitter cold and slushy.  I was walking on the outside next to the street.  He switched me places, and told me that his grandfather always told him, “Never let a lady walk on the outside of the sidewalk.”  I thought it was ever so sweet. 

Then a few years after this first date, and as we were headed out on some other date night, this was sometime in the first few years of our marriage, I reminded him of the time he switched me places on the sidewalk, and what he told me that his grandfather had told him.

He of course didn’t remember telling me that, but then told me the reason why his grandfather told him never to let the lady walk on the outside of the sidewalk. 

Back in the day, if you were a lady being walked on the outside of the sidewalk near the street, your guy was trying to sell you. 

If your lady wasn’t for sale, the guy walked on the outside.  The other piece of this is that for protection the man walks on the outside towards the traffic, mud puddles, splashes, and danger.

I guess I should be glad that I am not for sale, huh?


3 Comments on “How We Met…”

  1. libbylogic says:

    I bet you’d be expensive though…

  2. Such a cute story! I’d always heard that the man walking on the outside came from days when there was no indoor plumbing and “business” was done on chamber pots. The maids would throw the contents of the chamber pots out of upper story windows, and there was always a greater chance that the waste would go out farther vs staying closer to the side of the building, which is where the ladies would walk. Interesting, huh? 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    Libby’s got it right…. you’d be pretty expensive. What a great story.

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