Bloggling #5

Let’s see where this takes us…

  • I am regretting that I cut off my hair.  Well, sometimes.  I forgot about needing regular haircuts when you have short hair.  I need to color again already, and I most likely could use another haircut.
  • Which also equates to this…I miss my ponytail.  Sometimes.
  • Maybe I should just shave my head?
  • We are having a lemonade stand on Saturday.  Thank goodness we are finally seeing a reprieve in the weather.  I was not looking forward to standing out with the girls in 105 degree heat.
  • Mea wants to give out dog biscuits to the dogs.  Because dogs buy lemonade too.
  • She also would like to charge anywhere from fifty cents to $11.99 for a small paper cup of lemonade.  I think it depends entirely on if you look nice or not.
  • Meanies better bring a checkbook.
  • She cracks me up.
  • She has her final thing with girl scouts on Saturday morning.  This cannot come soon enough.
  • I got her signed up for gymnastics in the fall at the new place.
  • This is pretty exciting!
  • I think she needs a new leotard before her class starts. 
  • A new fancy one.
  • We have our Olympics schedule printed out so we can watch the things we care about.
  • She had a playdate yesterday with her friends.  It was fine, with the exception of this somewhat disturbing letter. 

Somewhat disturbing letter.

  • It was that last line that kind of did me in.
  • My husband didn’t know what to say.
  • He showed it to me and kind of stood there stuttering for a few minutes.
  • They were all a little bit naughty during the playdate.  They clearly broke my husband. 
  • He went to bed at 8 last night.
  • I don’t think he’ll be volunteering them to all come play anytime soon.  He needs them to have an activity.
  • Apparently, there is a movie in the works for next week’s, “Daddy’s Day Off Day” with all three of them again.
  • I don’t know if it’s a great idea or not.
  • Mea was up until 10:30.
  • Guess who was up with her?
  • That lucky little pup Franklyn.
  • Yeah, right.
  • I am a lucky Momma.


  • I really am.

3 Comments on “Bloggling #5”

  1. Jen says:

    Always enjoy the bloggling posts. Hope the new gymnastics place is awesome pawesome.

  2. I have to agree with Jen. Bloggling posts are way cool. And that letter is rather creepy.

  3. libbylogic says:

    So, she won’t be a life long Girl Scout?

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