Six Pack

I encounter many different people in my day-to-day life.  It takes all kinds.  This I know without a doubt.  There are all kinds and then some.

An example from my day…


Joe Blow:  I need $500 to get my car out of impound so I can sell it to the salvage yard.  The salvage yard is going to give me $200.

Me:  You will be out $300 by doing this.  It doesn’t make sense, what kind of vehicle is it?

Joe Blow:  A 1992 Buick La Sabre.  I also need money to get diapers and baby food for my kid. 

Me:  (Does some things on my computer because I have to….)

Joe Blow:  (Phone rings…on the phone with his wife.)  Yah, there was $16 in the piggy bank.  Enough for a pizza and a six-pack… (looks up and sees me waiting for him to get off of the phone and listening to him at the same time) Um, err, um a six-pack of diapers.  I’ll be out in a few minutes.  (Gets off the phone.)  So you think I can borrow some money?

Me:  Drops head to desk, praying to knock myself unconscious.




5 Comments on “Six Pack”

  1. libbylogic says:

    He’s good at math and stuff. And I had no idea you could get a six pack of diapers.

  2. missohkay says:

    Bwahahaha. And yet he can reproduce…

  3. Jen says:

    A six pack of diapers eh? That’s a trip.

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