Star Struck

Last night, Mea had her first gymnastics class at Chow’s.  She has been a weird combination of excited and nervous.

There was about a month of lag time from when we stopped going to the old gym, to when we were to start last night.  So for the last month every week I have been asked if it was this was the week for the last four weeks at least.  I was a little worried that she would be a tad bit rusty, but she seemed to pick things back up right away.  Probably all of those handstands, round offs and cartwheels practiced all over my house paying off with a bit more than just all the furniture cleaning I have been having to do when Mea’s drinks get kicked over onto them.

So I got off work, got home to change clothes and pick Mea and my husband up.  We piled in the car, and she talked non-stop the whole way there, asking if we were going to get to see Gabby Douglas, Shawn Johnson or Mr. Chow.  She has been really focusing on seeing Mr. Chow.  Obsessed.

We were there a little early, she walked around and looked at the murals of the Champions, looked at all the newspaper articles taped up on the windows of Gabby.

When it was time for class to start, she went out and did her thing.  I can honestly say that she did the best in her class.  She had the best form.  She could do things the other girls could not.  I think if she masters these few skills that she was lacking that she will be moving up pretty fast.

As we were watching her class Liang Chow walked through the lobby.  Shook a few hands, including my husband’s, smiled said some hello’s.  Then he made his way through the gym.  Walked by each group that was practicing.  Said some more hello’s to the kids, gave a few high fives.  Smiling that grin of his as he made his way around. 

Mea’s group was on the opposite end of the gym from where he started.  When he made his way over to that side of the gym we were watching her closely to see her reaction.

When she spotted him, her eyes and mouth got big and round.  She was completely, utterly, totally 100% star struck.

They finished the class.

She headed in our direction all smiles.

“Momma!  Daddy!  Mr. Chow waved at me and said Hello!”

“Maybe next week I’ll get to see Shawn Johnson or Gabby!”


3 Comments on “Star Struck”

  1. polwygle says:

    That is just awesome!

  2. Jen says:

    That’s really cool. Glad she got to see him on her first visit. 🙂

  3. libbylogic says:

    We are so coming to the Olympics when Mea competes.

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