Head Wrap

Two weeks ago, I took Mea to have her hair braided before school started, and for her six-year-old pictures.

The braids have lasted very nicely, partially because I was able to get some good tips from my employee on how to keep them looking nice.  She recommended keeping her head wrapped at night in a scarf, and to spray them with conditioning spray.

So we have tried the head wrapping.  Various scarfs, head bands and head wraps, only a few have actually stayed on her head through the night.  Part of this is that Mea is a crazy sleeper.  She changes positions so many times in the night, I don’t know how she actually even sleeps.  She’s like a tornado between the sheets.

So far an actual scarf/head wrap is the one that has stayed on the best.

Silly little duck face.

Last Saturday night, Mea stayed the night with my parents.  Now anytime that Mea stays the night with either my Mom or my sister, I think the both tend to panic at the idea of having to do Mea’s hair.  This was a good solution.  Her poofs just need a little foofing, and she is good to go.

Before bed that night, my Mom put her bandana on to protect her braids, and then told Mea about how it reminded her of my Nana.

My Nana went to the beauty parlor once a week on Saturday mornings to have her hair washed and set.  She had a major beehive when we were really little.  Major.  Tall.  Lots of AquaNet holding that bad boy up there.

Each night before she went to bed, my Nana would take toilet paper, and wrap it around her hair, securing it to her hair with hair clips.  Every night.  Toilet paper.  My Mom says that she had tried other head wraps, but didn’t like them as well as her TP method.

I remember very well how she would take this time and gently wrap her hairdo each night before bed.  She also slept sitting up, on a mound of pillows.  All to preserve her hair style until the next week’s beauty parlor visit.

Mea thought this was absolutely hilarious.


3 Comments on “Head Wrap”

  1. libbylogic says:

    Okay, spill, what’s the brand of that wrap? I need one for Meggo, pronto.

  2. Jen says:

    That’s a trip about the TP headwrap. I bet Mea did enjoy that.

  3. libbylogic says:

    It has now been a week of wearing a head wrap in our house. So far, so good. We went with the one that looks like a shower cap, but without elastic. It stays on the best. The wrap one kept slipping down.

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