Live Recording

Mea loves music.  All kinds, all genres, everything and all of it.  She sings along to everything, and remembers lyrics to songs just like her Dad.  She has Pandora on her Kindle Fire, and has a very eclectic selection playing at all times.

In the car, we also have a wide variety of music choices.  I seldom listen to the radio, tend to listen to the same CD until I am completely sick of it for a period of time, will change discs, and then go back to it at some other time.  The most recent ear worm in the car has been Adele, 21.

I bought the 2 disc pack.  We have pretty much worn out the main disc.  To the point that the last track skips.  We hadn’t listened to the second disc yet, so last week I put it in.

I did not realize that it was a live recording until the end of the first song, and she says, “Thank you, thank you very much…”  Kind of like Elvis with an English accent.

I don’t know if Mea had missed the “talking” parts of the CD until yesterday when we were on our way to gymnastics or what, but on our half hour drive to the gym we had an interesting conversation.

Mea:  “Momma, who said that?”

Me:  “Adele did honey, it’s a live recording.”

Mea:  “Why is it recorded?”

Me:  “All the music that we listen to at home or in the car, or on TV or in the movies is recorded, that’s how we get to hear it over and over again.”

Mea:  “But, Momma, why did Adele get recorded?”

Me:  “So we could listen to her music, Sis.  How else would we listen to her, if we didn’t have her songs recorded on this CD, or if the radio didn’t play a recording of her to us?”

Mea:  “But, Momma, why did she say “Thank you, thank you very much?””

Me:  “This is a live recording.  She must have been playing somewhere in front of an audience when they recorded these songs.”

Mea:  “She’s not in the car?  I thought she was saying “Thank you” to us.”

And there it is.

I had a feeling that this was exactly where the conversation was headed.



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