No Wonder

Yesterday, I had enough.  After years of listening to the neighbor’s dogs yap and bark at our fence, right by our driveway, I attempted to resolve the issue.

The yappiepoos had been outside for two hours, plus.  All day, as Mea and I came and went via our backdoor, they were there, barking their brains out.  If the dogs weren’t there, the questioneers were.  As usual, the parents were nowhere to be seen.

The questioneers have been playing outside in the backyard by themselves since they moved into the house three years ago.  They are six, just two months older than Mea.  We rarely, see the parents.  It is a very rare thing to see them, and if we do, they are up by the house, nowhere near where the boys are playing.

The neighbors have at least three dogs, two yappiepoos, and a sheltie.  All three of them will stand at the short piece of fence by our driveway, and just yap and bark away.  Even if we aren’t outside.  This just seems to be the preferred location to stand and bark.  It has been a problem for a long time, that we have just tried to ignore.  For the most part it is not to hard to ignore them.  Especially when our windows are closed due to the air conditioning being on or our heat being on.  Since it was so hot this summer, our air has been on the majority of the time.

Yesterday, it was nice outside for a change.  I had the windows open.  We were taking in the breeze and the nice weather.  We were also taking in the noise pollution coming from our fence line.

I looked up their phone number.  Tried to call four or five different times.  Each time it went to a voicemail that wasn’t set up, so I couldn’t leave a message.  I kept watching for them to see if I could see one of the parents.

Finally, I saw someone, not one of the owners of the house, outside.

I yelled, “I need to talk to you!”

She said, “Me?”

I said, “Someone!”

She went back in the house.  I waited for several minutes and then the husband came down to the fence to talk to me.  I explained how they have had their dogs out for the last two hours, and about the noise.  I said, “I don’t know if you can’t hear them, or what, but I am not going to listen to this anymore.”

I was nice about it.

At first.

Then he said, “We bought a house so our dogs could be outside.”  No mention of their twin six-year-old boys, I guess they don’t need a yard.  What an idiot.

They are Yorkies.  They are not outside dogs.  Get a grip.

I told him that he needed to be neighborly.  That his dogs can be outside, but that they cannot be a nuisance.  That it is not right or fair for us to have to listen to them all day long, every single day.

He said, “You have dogs.”

Duh, they were outside then.  They were on their tie-outs in the backyard, being quiet.  They were sitting right at the gate just watching.

I said, “Can you hear them?  Are they bothering you?  Have they bothered our other neighbors?  No.  We take them out when they have to go potty, and then they come right back in.  If they are out longer than that, we are outside with them.  We wouldn’t want to disturb anyone.”

He said, “I’ll see what I can do.  I’m not promising anything.”

I said, “If there is another day like today, I will call Animal Control, or the police.  That is a promise.”

After thinking about this for a while, it’s no wonder that the questioneers come down and play by our stretch of fence.  They are ignored just like the dogs are.  They are two cute little boys, a little annoying with all the questions, but they are nice little boys.  When these people put the boys and the dogs out, they are just put out, no one pays attention to them, no one plays with them, they are just shoved outside and ignored.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own pets, the scary thing is that the same people who shouldn’t have pets, probably shouldn’t be allowed to have kids either.

Poor Questioneers.


3 Comments on “No Wonder”

  1. Ugh. Unfortunately there’s no evidence of abuse unless you count leaving the kids to their own devices. Bastards. They need to have the children and the dogs removed. Permanently. You’re right. Some people just shouldn’t be pet owners…or parents. Glad you finally said something!

  2. Genuinely sorry for your experience with the yappiepoos, but I did chuckle a bit reading this. 😉 At our old house, our neighbors used to have a large, German-shepherd mix that stood on his back legs, head over the fence, and barked straight into our bedroom window at 2 a.m. every. single. night. I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. for work, so needless to say, we weren’t a fan. We tried a friendly request and were ignored. We tried a more firm request. Still ignored. We tried knocking on their door at 2 a.m. to say, “Hey, your dog is waking us up!” We did call the police eventually, but they basically do absolutely nothing. Finally, we bought a white noise c.d. and started playing it as loud as it would go. That did the trick, but now, we can’t sleep without the dang noise machine. So four years later and in a new home, we still sleep with white noise. Fortunately, they didn’t have any children. And I agree with you…some people just aren’t cut out to be parents or pet owners.

  3. libbylogic says:

    You should call animal control. Yappy dogs are ignored dogs. Guarantee it.

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