Unless Asked, Keep Opinions to Yourself Please

There are times in which people just need to keep their mouths shut.  I know that there are times in which something is said accidentally.  I know that things are said that are not intentionally meant to be mean, but there are times when you should just keep your mouth shut.

Earlier this week, my youngest step-daughter, the one who is expecting a little guy at the end of November, posted the baby’s name on Facebook.  It is a cute name.  He has two middle names, one of which is his father’s first name, and the other is my husband’s middle name, (not Joy, the real corrected middle name.)

Everyone was saying that they liked baby’s name.

Then one of her mother’s friends made a frowny face.

Apparently she didn’t approve of the father’s name being used as a middle name.  Quite honestly, it is none of her business.

Of all the big girls, and their baby daddies that they have to deal with for the rest of their children’s lives, it seems that this guy is actually nice.  He is interested in his son.  He calls to check on how our daughter is doing daily.  He wants to be at the hospital when he is born.  He is taking an interest, which is more than many single mom’s get.

If he is being nice to her and our grandson, we are supportive of this relationship, whatever the relationship is.  I don’t know if they are together, or if they are just being “friends” right now, or what the situation is, but it really is none of our business.

Telling a mother that you don’t like the name they picked out for their child is rude.  There may be meaning to it.  They may just like the name.  If you have named a child, you know that name is not come up in an easy manner.  It usually takes months, and time to try out what you want your baby’s name to be.

If you don’t like the baby’s name, keep it to yourself.  Don’t say you don’t like it.  Don’t say anything.  It is not your baby.

I know some people who have named their kids some pretty messed up names, but I have never said to them, “I really hate your baby’s name.”  That is rude and hurtful.

I know that people name their kids stupid things.  I know of several that are completely cringe worthy, but it is not my kid.  The parents are the ones who are going to have to deal with naming their kid something like Candy Kane, or Dick Dickerson, or L-A (la dash ah), or Sunshine Eve (sounds like douche) or any other bizarre, cruel or stupid name will have to cross that bridge when they come to it.

Now it is a fact that people name their kids weird names, they do janky things to the spelling of their child’s name, I do think this is annoying, if you can look at someone’s name and it’s actually a pretty “normal” name, but by reading it you can’t even begin to know what their name actually is.

But maybe their kid’s weird name has a meaning to them?  Maybe they were named for something?  Maybe they are just dumb?  Most likely the latter, but at the same time, why would anyone say something about your choice just to be hurtful or spiteful when it’s not even their kid?


8 Comments on “Unless Asked, Keep Opinions to Yourself Please”

  1. Holly says:

    Please tell me that you don’t actually know someone who’s name is L-A (la dash ah).

    • Kelly says:

      My sister’s friend is a nurse in the maternity ward, and this was a baby’s name recently. Poor child.

      • polwygle says:

        Sadly, I know of someone similarly named. All of the siblings names began with “La.” The youngest named, simply “La-.” Yes, the mother expected people to know to pronounce the girl’s name as “Ladash.”

  2. libbylogic says:

    I find it amazing the things people post on Facebook that they otherwise would NEVER dare to say.

    And I always thought the L-A thing as a myth. Shows what I know.

  3. karmavore says:

    My rule is NEVER comment on names unless it’s to say, how lovely!

  4. Jen says:

    I never comment on baby names or mother’s sizes. Just never.

  5. lexiesnana says:

    I have told my daughter that I didn’t like a name when it involved my grandbaby.I refuse to call something of my very own Bronco.

  6. Heather says:

    This is exactly why Ava’s name stayed secret until she was born. People are much less likely to say they don’t like a name when you have already used it.

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