All Twitter Conversations Lead To This

It seems that no matter what we talk about on Twitter, all conversations somehow lead back to Vagazzling, dying your Betty, or some other nether regions beautification process.

I am looking at you Barb, Sheeps Eating Me, Danielle, Hedra, Lisa V, Katja, Harriett, and Julia.  How can we be sitting around having some conversation about anything other than vagazzling and then without warning we are talking about vagazzling our Bettys.

All roads lead to Vajazzling.

All roads lead to coloring your Betty, and according to Barb, Smurf colored Bettys.

This being said, I need to tell you that I love you ladies. 


I wish so much that we all lived in a close radius to one another, because we would be a force to be reckoned with.  We wouldn’t be short on laughs, we wouldn’t be short of love, or support for any of our various needs.

We need to create our own small town to all move to.  I mean seriously, we all work in different fields, we could sustain our own town. 

It would be without a doubt the funnest place on Earth to live.

I love you guys.  Seriously.


2 Comments on “All Twitter Conversations Lead To This”

  1. karmavore says:

    LOL. All roads lead to Kegeling!

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