Why I Won’t Be Attending…

I was on the fence about attending my twentieth reunion.

Well, not really.  I haven’t had any desire to go at all whatsoever.

I was trying to convince myself that I should go.

The truth is, I can’t go.  My youngest stepdaughter’s baby shower is that day, and I am helping with the set up and tear down.  Even though, I will have to spend half the day with my husband’s evil ex-wife, having her rub in my face that she is the “better” grandma, I would honestly rather deal with that than attend the reunion.

Holly, you can go and tell everyone how fabulous I am, and that I “really” wanted to be there.

Even though, I really don’t care.

I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now.

The people who I like that I went to school with are still my friends, on Facebook, and even occasionally in real life.  The rest of them, can just continue to live their lives vicariously through Classmates.com, or that stupid School Feed thing that is linked to Facebook.

Now, if this was some sort of reunion for online people who I know?  I would be there in a minute.  If I could combine my real life awesome friends, and my online friends, it would be a fucking epic party that I wouldn’t miss for anything.

As far as the weird awkwardness that I will be missing by not going to the reunion?  I can live another twenty years without it.

When I meet/see people from when I was in high school now, these are some of the responses that I have gotten.

  • Weren’t you the girl who wore black all the time?
  • I think you were in my Math, English, History class?
  • You were scary.
  • Didn’t you work at the mall?
  • You have a twenty year old kid?  I didn’t even know you were pregnant!
  • You hung out with the freaky kids.
  • You went to Lincoln? (I get this one a lot.)
  • Hmmm.  I don’t remember you.
  • I was too scared to talk to you.

Seriously.  No thanks.  $50 for dinner with people I don’t care about at all, with the exception of a few people?  No fucking thanks.  I’d rather spend that on my kids, or on a nice dinner with my husband.

Holly, take notes, you can give me the run down afterwards.




6 Comments on “Why I Won’t Be Attending…”

  1. Holly says:

    Believe or not, I’m actually excited to go. I have to say it’s mainly because of FB. I see that allll those people that were popular in high school (which, let’s face it, I was only popular among my circle of friends) are exactly the same as me now. 99% of us are married, raising kids, and working. Life leveled the bar. And to top it off, I’m waaaay more confident then I was in high school. Some may think that I’m still a dork, that I’ve gained weight, that I’m not funny, etc. (pick a downfall, any downfall) but I think I’m pretty, my husbands a hottie, my kids are awesome and I love my job. So no matter what things were like in HS, no one can make me feel inferior now. I will be sure to take notes and email you a play by play of how things go :0) And if you change your mind you can come sit at my table and we’ll make fun of the snotty bitches together like real friends are supposed to do LoL

    • Kelly says:

      I think you are wonderful, I always have, and always will, we are sisters more than anything. It isn’t so much about the popular vs. unpopular, I just don’t care.

      I didn’t really then, and I really don’t now. I still am me. With awesome kids and a great husband. Those years were horrible for me, and I don’t want to be anywhere that reminds me of them.

      So much loss and emotion, my Nana dying, then my grandmother, my Mom was crazy then, getting pregnant with Mack. Just so much.

      I want to hear about it, I just don’t have any desire to go.

  2. libbylogic says:

    Not only am I going to mine — I’m helping plan it. It was a small school though, so I am actually looking forward to seeing everyone.

  3. karmavore says:

    I haven’t been to a single reunion. Just not into it. I’m sure they ar all nice people but we aren’t friends now and haven’t been for decades so … yes. Exactly!

  4. Charlotte says:

    I would attend your epic party I think you and I would get along great 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    I didn’t go to my 20 year reunion, for a lot of these reasons. I just didn’t care.

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