Shades of Grey…

Get you minds out of the gutters, girls.  I am talking about the various shades of grey on my head.

You perverts. 


At the beginning of summer, I cut all of my hair off.  I have worn my hair short off an on all of my life.  I was ready for a change, had been wearing my hair longish (for me anyway) for a while, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I have come to the conclusion that maybe it was a bad idea.  A very, very, bad idea. 

I absolutely cannot keep up with the grey hairs on my head while my hair is this short.

When it was long, it covered itself up.  Makes sense, right? 

Now?  Not so much. 

These short little layers show EVERY. SINGLE. GREY. HAIR. ON. MY. HEAD.

Since my last haircut, three weeks ago, when I had my hairdo girl cut it even shorter than the last time, I have been cursing myself out on a regular basis.  I have colored my hair twice in the last three weeks.  That is fucking excessive.


There are already greys poking through.

I am doomed.

I am also really starting to wonder just how close I am to being completely and totally grey or white underneath all this black color. 

I am afraid of it.


I noticed several grey eyelashes!  I have had a few in my eyebrows for a while, but they don’t seem to mind getting plucked, and I have a ton of eyebrows.  They can afford to be thinned out a bit.

I am not plucking my eyelashes.  It would hurt, and that is what mascara is for anyway, right?

So what do I do?  If I quit coloring all together, and my hair is actually grey, or most likely white, under there, I will look like a skunk. 

Black hair + white roots = SKUNK.

I don’t have the coloring to go blonde.

Coloring over black is disastrous.  (I did this once, black to platinum blonde in one night.  Don’t let a boy pick your hair color, horrible outcomes ensue.  Not to mention all your hair breaks off.)

Nothing really covers black.

Wash out?

Skunk it up?

Pray to the Priestess of Grey Hairs that she quit picking on blessing me with this precious gift?

Pay a million dollars to make the hairdo girl do something to it?

I just don’t know. 

What I do know, is that I do not want to look like a little old lady at 38, and that is where I am headed.




4 Comments on “Shades of Grey…”

  1. MBI says:

    I admit. I had a pervey moment.

  2. I have an idea. You might be able to go…say…a dark brown. If you go to a beauty supply store (I have a Sally Beauty Supply not too far from me, so something like that), get yourself a bottle of hair color and a bottle of developer at a 40 (they usually go from 10 to 40 – I use a 20), the 40 should strip your hair of the black and lay down a lighter color without you having to pay a pro to do it. My initial investment of color and creme (just those two things without the accessories that I’ll use over and over) was about the same price as the boxes at the store, except the color & developer bottles they sell at the beauty supply stores you can use multiple times per bottle before you have to get a replacement. So it’s cheaper! Even if you decide to go black again (and not be a skunk), I would still suggest getting the stuff at Sally. At least until you grow your hair back out. With short hair, you definitely notice greys and stuff more.

    BTW, I admit I too thought this might be a review or something of the famous (and crappy, from all I’ve heard) series.

  3. Shave it. I’m kidding. Or am I?? 😉

  4. Jen says:

    I’m right there with you. I’m going grey at an alarming rate! I always knew both of my parents went grey early, but I didn’t really get what that meant for me. Eeeekk!

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