Avoiding the Drive-Thru

On Saturday, I had to work.  My husband was also working, and there was a shortfall of sisters available to watch sit on Mea.  My Mom offered to babysit while I was at work, and she actually already had my sister’s girls so it worked out pretty well.  She was able to have some Nana time with all the short girls at the same time.

When I got off work, I picked Mea up, and for a treat I took her to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal.  We went to one that was between my Mom’s house and ours.  There is a Korean lady who works at this particular McDonald’s that I “know.”

I don’t know her, know her.  I just know her from my many years of working at the mall.  From the time I was fifteen until I was 28, I worked at the same mall.  I worked in several stores.  Some all at the same time.  The pet store, Things Remembered, 99 cent store, Waldenbooks, Bath & Body, Victoria’s Secret, Zales, and finally Kay Jewelers.  This lady worked at the Chinese fast food restaurant.  She worked there at least as long as I worked in the mall.

The mall started going south in my last couple of years working there.  They closed the Chinese food stand, and this lady then started working at McDonald’s.  The McDonald’s in the mall closed, and she was transferred to the McDonald’s that is between my parent’s house and our house.

Anytime I go there and she is working she always says hello, asks about my family, asks about my sister (my sister worked at the mall for a very long time as well) and makes small talk with me.  When Mea was really little she would ask to “see the baby” so I would unroll Mea’s window so the lady could see her pretty little face.

On Saturday afternoon, she was working the drive-thru.  I placed our order, one Happy Meal, one fruit & yogurt parfait, and pulled my car ahead.  She was the cashier.  She asked how we were, how my sister was, and then Mea unrolled her window herself.

The lady says, “Oh, you soooo very pretty!  Look at your pretty, pretty eyes, just like you Momma.  I remember when you Momma was out to here (motions pregnant belly) with you!”

Um, no she doesn’t.

I was never “out to here” with Mea.  Maybe “out of my mind*” but never “out to here.”

So we had to move forward with the rest of the cars in line.  Before she even says anything, I can hear the gears clinking in Mea’s brain.

“Momma, do you even know that lady?”

“Not really, bug.  She worked at the mall, at the Panda Express, the same time that Momma worked at the mall selling jewelry, we would just say “hi” to each other sometimes, and that was it.”

“Momma, maybe she just thought you were fat.”

Thanks McDonald’s lady.  Thanks a lot. 


*It is quite possible that I was out of my mind around the time Mea came home.  The weeks leading up to her coming home were a complete and total whirlwind, and the weeks after she came home we were doing our best to settle in, and basically at that point, we were also just sitting around waiting for my Aunt to die, my brain was a weird place to be at that point in my life.



2 Comments on “Avoiding the Drive-Thru”

  1. Jen says:

    There is a lady who works at my old office. She always asks me how many children I have now when we run into each other, “because I remember you were always pregnant!”. Um, thanks for telling me how fat I am. Really. I appreciate it.

  2. libbylogic says:

    There is a cashier at the grocery store that SWEARS she remembers when I was pregnant. I always try to tell her it was my sister, but she never believes it.

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