Evil Bitch

Yesterday was my youngest stepdaughter’s baby shower.  The baby is due in about eight weeks.  The shower was nice, my OSD did the majority of the planning, along with her evil bitch mother.

She had asked me a few weeks ago if I would bring a couple of trays of Mexican Layer Dip, and if I could come early to help set up for the party.  They invited Mack, my Mom and I to the shower, and there was a note on the invitation to not bring children.

I called YSD and asked if the “no children” clause included her sister.  Mea’s feelings would have been ever so hurt if she had been excluded.  She did say that she could come.  Which is a good thing since my older two granddaughters were there.  I would have been pissed if they had said no, and the girls would have been there.

Mack has class on Saturday mornings, so she wasn’t able to come down.  I think she was secretly relieved.  Thank goodness my Mom was coming.  There is nothing worse than going to these things without anyone as a buffer.

So we got there early, we helped decorate.  They were starting to set the food up.  I had brought a few extra bowls for chips and such, had asked OSD if she thought they needed them or not, she had said they probably would.

I was in the kitchen getting one of the trays of dip ready to go out, and the girls mom was stomping around the kitchen looking for a bowl to put ice in for the drinks.  I held up one of my bowls, and said, “You can use this one, I brought a couple of extras.”

She took the bowl, and walked over to the sink starts to wash it and says over her shoulder, “I better wash it first, I don’t know where it has been.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

It came from my CLEAN home.

Fucking bitch.

It’s not like we use it to collect sperm samples, or poop in it, or that it is the vomit bowl, it is a fucking bowl.

I hate this woman.  It takes a lot for me to actually say that I hate something or someone, but I absolutely fucking hate her.

The digs about her being the better grandma?  I can take it.

The digs about my husband?  I can take that.

We have been married twice as long as they were.

I don’t know if she is jealous for some reason or what, but that does not excuse bad manners in any way shape or form.  What a bitch.

So I tweeted my frustrations.  Barb, Lisa, Danielle and Marissa had some great ideas for some sweet revenge.

I signed her up for a “human hair wig” catalog, modest older women’s clothing catalog, a Mormon newsletter, plastic surgery consult, lap band information kit, and a few others.  I was on a roll.  I really would have signed her up for a prison pen pal, but you have to pay to join most of these sites, and she is not worth a single fucking penny of my hard-earned dollars.

I only wish that these girls would have been slightly more considerate when getting pregnant with our grandchildren.  As it is now, I will have to see this woman every November, December and January.  Three months of pure fucking torture.

I swallow my hate when I am around her, and kill her with kindness.  If anything for the girls, but mostly so I can be the “better” of the two grandmas.



4 Comments on “Evil Bitch”

  1. Holly says:

    Signing her up for the catalogs was my favorite part of that whole story. LOL

  2. Danielle, Barb, Lisa, and Marissa are geniuses. I hope she complains about getting every single one of those catalogs, preferably in front of you so you can get a laugh over it and tweet about it too. I hope all those catalogs share their mailing lists with similar companies so that she gets a bunch more from companies you didn’t specifically take the time to have them send her catalogs. Revenge can be so much sweeter if they don’t know that you’ve gotten revenge on them. She definitely deserves it. Bitch (her, not you).

    If I’d been in that situation, I probably would’ve made some comment like, “I know where it’s been. I peed in it this morning and then just wiped it out in hopes that you’d eat out of it.” Then I would’ve smiled sweetly at her. 🙂 (I can be a real bitch myself.)

    I’m sure she’s just jealous. Still gives her no excuse for that kind of behavior.

  3. Jen says:

    I love that you signed her up for the catalogs! That is pretty awesome.

  4. libbylogic says:

    Wait. Why did you do nice things for her? I wait for my human hair wig catalog every month.

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