I have had a bug in my bonnet for a new car for quite some time. 

The fact that my six-year-old SUV was starting to fall apart didn’t help matters at all.  My daughter had basically done chin-ups on the passenger side door handle, and had pulled it off and out.  It had been held on with some packing tape for about a month now.  Last winter the four-wheel drive started to do something funny, but since we had a mild winter I put off getting it checked out.

The rear brakes were doing something weird.  The pads needed replaced, but recently started doing this scary shuddering if I was slowing down after going fast.  The front tires needed replaced.  It blew a headlight at least once a month.

I decided I wanted something small.  I started looking at Fiat’s.  Even inquired about them.  No one from that dealership could bother to call me back, or call me period.  After two emails with no reply, I decided that no matter what happened, I would never even look at them again. 

Then I started looking at Mini’s.  We went out and picked one up on Monday night to test drive.  It was SO fun to drive.  It was also only fun to ride in the car if you were the driver.  Mea’s legs couldn’t touch the floor, and were awkwardly bent behind the passenger seat.  My husband had his seat pushed all the way up as far as it would go, knees touching the dash, and Mea still had to straddle his seat.  She is a growing girl. 

This would never do.  And what if I was able to convince both of my daughters and my husband to go somewhere with me?  My nearly six-foot tall daughter would never in a million years fit in that back seat.  Not a chance.

So we drove the Mini home, and started looking online at what we both liked.  Set some appointments to go test driving, and ended up buying the first car I test drove after the Mini.

New Soul

It is almost as fun to drive as the Mini.  It is safe, it is so much more fuel efficient than my old SUV, and I really am having fun so far, I can tell you that I love the Sirius radio, I may never play another CD again.  Mea fits, and an actual adult could sit in the backseat if they needed to comfortably.

One thing that amuses me is this is classified as a wagon.  This is not my Momma’s station wagon.  My parents had several.  A couple of them that had the flip-up seat in the back cargo area.  My sister and I used to love to ride back there and make faces at various drivers.  We may have caused some people to have road rage.  A few times.  At one point we were banned from sitting back there.

As I was cleaning my old car out, I found a match box car that was D’s in my glove box.  I recall putting it in there, and I have seen it here and there over the years as I was getting stuff in or out of my glove box.  I am pretty sure that I took it away because it was thrown at my head while I was driving, at the time I forgot about sticking it in there, but shortly after he went home I found it in there while searching for something.  It has been in there ever since. 

D’s car

It may be weird to keep it, but I have decided that it needs to stay in my new car as well.  It is a little reminder of him that I have with me wherever I go.


Updated to add….Is there anything better than that new car smell?  I mean really?  Makes buying a new car worth it at least until it wears off, and your car goes back to just smelling like spoiled juice boxes and cracker crumbs.


5 Comments on “Wagon”

  1. judy froman says:

    Love it! I want a Soul too….and yea Id keep the car 🙂

  2. KimN says:

    Fun! I had to get a minivan when Eden was born. As much as I fought it and hate to admit it….I love it.

    • Kelly says:

      We have a Kia Sedona minivan, my husband drives it. Once upon a time we had a DJ service, and needed the van for space when Robin had a wedding or event to DJ at. We closed the DJ service, but he has found the van as a good changing room for when he is doing baseball.

      Also handy to be able to fit seven of us in a vehicle if we have too. When we take Mea and our grandkids anywhere we have the room so long as we get all the seats in.

  3. Jen says:

    Love it!! I hope it stays fun to drive. 🙂

  4. libbylogic says:

    The car needs to stay. And I am sooo jealous of the new ride.

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