Numero Cinco

Last night, at ten minutes to midnight, our fifth grandchild was born. 

First child for our middle daughter.  Second grandson. 

His grandpa is over the moon in love with this new little guy.  I honestly don’t think I have ever heard my husband rave so much about how beautiful one of our grandchildren is as much as I just did moments ago while speaking to him on the phone.

He is a handsome little fellow.  Looks a little bit like his Papa.  Just look at those cheeks!

Numero Cinco

Seven pounds, nine ounces, and twenty inches long.  Poor E had to have a c-section.  She had been showing signs of pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, headaches, and upset stomach.  They had been monitoring her pretty closely, and she had been on bedrest for the last two weeks. 

Yesterday morning, her doctor’s office had called and had officially set her up for induction for Sunday evening.

Two hours later she sent me a text stating that her water had broken.  That was about 2:30 in the afternoon.  She really didn’t want a huge audience of people, so communication from that point on was slow.  I was texting back and forth with our oldest daughter who was the “coach” but communication was sporadic. 

Most likely because things were not going super great.  Her blood pressure was extremely high, they were trying to get it down without medication first.  They were worried that she would have a seizure.  Once they felt it was controlled, the baby started getting distressed when she was having contractions.  With the high blood pressure, lack of progress dilating, and then the baby getting distressed the doctor finally decided to just go ahead and proceed with a c-section.

They are both doing well.  The nurses have said that he is the most peaceful baby they have in the nursery right now.  The pediatrician said that he looks perfect. 

I am leaving work in just a little bit, to pick Auntie Mea up and head to the hospital to meet our newest family member. 

(She was beyond pissed off with me that she had to go to school today, and that she couldn’t just go to the hospital to see the baby and her sissy, she made the sweetest card for the baby with a picture of Auntie Mea and her baby nephew on it.)


5 Comments on “Numero Cinco”

  1. Addison Cooper says:

    Just a note from a new follower to say – Wow! Congratulations! May this little one’s life be blessed.

  2. Holly says:


  3. Awww….congrats Grandma, Grandpa & the rest of the family! ❤

  4. Jen says:

    Awww!! Congrats Nana.

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