I Need a Sign.

I really need a giant contaminated sign for our front door. It would seem that there are plenty of other families that are in need of this as well right now.

Mea had a sleepover Saturday night at her oldest sister’s house for our second oldest granddaughter’s 9th birthday.  They went to an inflatable jumping around place, went and looked at Christmas lights, went back to their house, ate pizza, cake and munchies, watched some movies and went to bed.

We picked her up around 10:30 on Sunday morning.  She seemed pretty grumpy most of the day, and I figured it was from lack of sleep.

When I went to get her up on Monday morning to get ready for school, and I quickly realized that I was wrong.  Fever of 102.5.  Scrambling to figure out who would be staying home, and my husband was the winner.  She slept most of the day, refused to take any more Motrin or Tylenol and by 4:00 her temp was back up to 103.  Off to the doctor we went.

Where I was chastised by the doctor we saw for not getting her a flu shot.  Assured that this was a respiratory flu, and not a puking flu, sent home with a prescription for an inhaler, and some cough syrup.  The inhaler, and the spacer for the inhaler were $50 bucks after insurance.  She refuses to do it.  Since she has to actually breathe in the treatment, it’s not like I can force it in her like a yucky antibiotic.  Goodbye $50.

We got home, she ate a good dinner, fell asleep watching TV, woke up around 10, went potty, came out and puked all over the couch.  So much for this not being a puking flu.  Also, why does she always throw up on my furniture?  Thank God we are planning on buying new furniture in the Spring.  That sofa and love seat have seen their better days.

I got to stay home with her yesterday.  She refused to take any Motrin, or Tylenol, so she had a fever all day.  As a surprise to both of us, Mack showed up a little after 1:00 with orange juice, Sprite, and some bubble gum.  She spent all afternoon with us.  That was really nice.  Although, because her sister was there, she didn’t nap at all yesterday.

Today, she woke up at 8 fever free, but we had planned on keeping her home one more day, just as a precaution.  She ended up going potty, then going right back to bed where she slept until 11 this morning.  Good thing she stayed home.

My husband was off today, and he thinks he now has the creeping crud. 

I am thinking of running away from home in order to keep my health intact.


3 Comments on “I Need a Sign.”

  1. libbylogic says:

    You might want to move.

  2. adoptchange says:

    Hope everyone feels better!!

  3. Jen says:

    I hope everyone is better now!

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