Buzzers and Cameras

I have been trying to wrap my head around the events in Connecticut since it happened.  On Friday I felt like I had been punched in the gut.  On Saturday, when I found out that the majority of these children, just babies really, were the same age as my Mea I was sick.  My husband and I both cried.  I turned off the TV.  I ignored posts on Facebook and Twitter.  I couldn’t even begin to read some of the ignorant crap that people were posting.

Last night, in Mea’s backpack there was a note sent home from the principal of her school.  The school is in process of having a buzzer and camera installed on the front door of the building. 

All doors into the building will be locked.  Only the one entrance will have a buzzer and camera, and this will be the only accessible entrance during school hours.  Since pretty much anyone could walk into the school before this, I do feel moderately better that they are least taking some precautions.  It was supposed to be that if you came into the school, you had to stop at the office and get a visitor’s pass.  I seldom if ever saw someone with one.  Do I think that a buzzer and camera would stop someone who really wanted into the school?  No, I don’t know anyone who would think this anymore, but at least no one can just walk in unannounced any longer. 

The letter also stated that the teachers had talked to all kids in some respect to the Connecticut shootings, after talking to Mea I get the impression that her teacher was very vague.  I already had spoken to her about what happened, I would hope that most parents had, but you never know.  We have kept the TV off the news when she is awake, because I don’t want her to get scared.  It reminds me in many ways of how we shielded Mack from television coverage when 9/11 happened.  The conversation that Mea and I had echoed that conversation in many ways as well.

There are people who do bad things sometimes.  They may be sick, they may be mad  or upset about something.  They may hurt people.  Momma, Daddy and the grown-ups that are around you will do everything in our power to keep anything from happening to you, and to keep you safe.   

We have said this many times over the last six days.  It is starting to taper off a bit now, but I think it’s important to make sure that our kids know that we will do anything in our power to keep them safe.

I have started drafting a letter to be sent to our state senators and representatives, as well as our federal senators and representatives, I was very pleased this afternoon to see that the President has put together a task force to talk about gun control.  I am not going to say to ban guns, but I do think that there should be federal regulations on the ownership of them, I also think that there should be a ban on military-style assault weapons.  The ban should have never been lifted in my opinion.

What I know is this.  I am tired of having to have conversations like this with my children.  Period. 

I am tired of turning on the news and hearing about a tragedy like this.

I hope that everyone else is getting tired of it as well.  Hopefully, this will spur some change in our gun laws.  Hopefully, this will be the call for much-needed change.  I know that I am not going to sit idly by and do nothing.  Those letters are going in the mail tomorrow.





2 Comments on “Buzzers and Cameras”

  1. Jen says:

    Good for you about the letters. I wrote to my representatives from local all the way up asking for a thoughtful dialogue about mental health and working toward solutions on guns as well. I am so very sick at heart about this latest round of devistation.

  2. shannon2818 says:

    I’m so glad you’re writing to your representatives, I think that’s a great thing to do.

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