Christine II

Right  before my Aunt got sick, she went and bought two new cars.  A regular car to drive around in all year, and a “fun” car that she just wanted to drive around in the summertime in.

A little convertible.  Brand new.  She actually had to special order the car. She had driven the other car for a month or so before the “fun” car was in.  She picked it up, only drove it once before diagnosed with brain cancer.

After diagnosis, she wasn’t allowed to drive again.

Now, various people drove her around in the “fun” car, so she did get to enjoy it some.  She really wanted someone to have it who would have fun with it.

She left the car to my Mom.

Apparently, when my Mom got the car, she told my Dad, “If anyone gets sick in the next 3 months, we are going to go blow the car up somewhere.”

Well, it took longer than three months.

She was talking about the car today.  Talking of selling it, since they technically have four cars, and obviously don’t really need it.  An extra expense for insurance, maintenance, etc.  It makes sense to sell it.  I wish they would wait, as they drive it in the summer a lot, but in many ways, someone will be more apt to buy it in the spring.  (Convertible.)

She brought the car up to my sister, who said she didn’t want it.  I also said that I didn’t want it.

My sister told my Mom that she feels like the car is Christine.

I tend to agree.

Cancer Christine.


One Comment on “Christine II”

  1. Jen says:

    Sell it. Put the money in a stash (not in your parents name), then use it to pay for things not covered or something like that. Make Cancer Christine do something good.

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