I have a slightly short fuse these days.  My nerves are frayed, and I am afraid, that is going to get worse before it gets better. 

My Mom has been to see all of her doctors this week.  Dr. Lung said she looked and sounded good, she doesn’t need to go back to see him for a month, unless she starts feeling like that lung is filling back up with fluid.  She had radiation on her hips Monday through Thursday this week, and had her last appointment with Dr. Radiation.  In just a little bit she has an appointment with Dr. Chemo, and they are going to discuss the plan for starting her chemo.

All three doctors have stated that she can go back to work with no restrictions.

Her boss has decided for her that she at most will work part-time, but it is sounding like she is going to put her on a leave of absence and she will not be working at all.  She told my Mom that she can’t risk her getting hurt at work.  She is a receptionist for crying out loud. 

I have already mentioned that my Mom has worked at her work longer than the owner.  This doesn’t change anything, but it obviously shows how loyal she has been to their company. 

There are some things that are just not fair.  This business with her health insurance and PTO is one of them.  She is the owner of the business.  Ultimately all decisions come from her.  It is not like there is an HR department stating that it’s one way or an other.  It is coming from her.  Not all business owners should be business owners.  Not all of them have the management background to actually run a business.  This is the case with my Mom’s employer.  She is great at parts of things that she does, but managing people is not one of those things.

I have been a manager of some sort for the last twenty years.  I know the ins and outs of employee relations, retention, and HR.  I taught her how to put a schedule together.  I taught her the basics of HR, before she originally out-sourced it to another company.  She parted ways with the HR company in October.  So it is entirely in her hands again.  When there has been issues with employees, I am the one she typically contacts to see what she should do.  Employee on maternity leave wanted to come back prior to release from her physician?  She was going to let her come back.  I told her that she shouldn’t do it without the release.  My Mom has three releases from her doctor’s stating that she has no restrictions at all for working and it’s possible that she won’t be allowed to come back to work?

Doesn’t even make sense.

I have tried to talk to my Mom about hiring an attorney.  She doesn’t want to.  She is afraid that if she is allowed to come back to work it will be too awkward, and too uncomfortable to work there.  I can see her point.  Then in many ways, what difference does it make?  It’s not like she has ten more years to work there.

I know that when this all shakes down they will end up having at least three fewer clients than they have now, I am done, my sister is done, and I will make my Dad take their dogs somewhere else.  It will be over my dead body that I give them another hard-earned dollar of mine. 

Time to start looking for a new vet. 



3 Comments on “Nerve”

  1. Holly says:

    Un-friggin-believable. I have no words.

  2. Jen says:

    Would it cause an HR problem if I flew out there and knocked some sense into her? I don’t actually believe in violence, but there are instances where it feels warrented. I’m with Holly… un-friggin-believable. People suck.

  3. libbylogic says:

    Are you kidding me? That woman has some bad ass karma coming to her.

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