No Princess

I am no princess. 

I have a bit of a potty mouth.

I tend to have a dirty mind.

I usually don’t mince words, and call shit exactly as I see it.

For the last three days and counting, I have been holding my tongue.  Biting it.  Hard.  Too keep the words from spilling out of my mouth that want SO. BADLY. TO. BE. SAID!

Deep sigh.  Note to self:  There are only two more days, and you don’t need to see the strangers disguised as family for either of the two remaining days.  Make your appearance tonight, and you are done.

My cousin, his wife (the princess) and their three adorable children are here. 

They are all making me mental.

They are taking a lot of energy out of my Mom.

Like all of it she has.

Who comes to see a potentially dying relative, and makes people wait on them?  Who does this?  You came to visit, and you should be fucking helpful while you are here.

Clean up after your own children.

Make their plates of food up for said children.

Don’t steal my Mother’s blanket when she is trying to rest on the couch.

Don’t exhaust her by not ever leaving her home, when you have a perfectly good hotel room that you and your kids can go nap in.  Take them to a movie, go to a museum, no one should have to entertain you.

Don’t take a nap on her couch, with your three kids under five, and leave her no space to sit.

Don’t take posed, “This is your Great Aunt So and So” pictures making her feel like she is going to die tomorrow.

Look at her.

Notice that she is tired.

Your visit is well intended, but don’t forget that she is sick. 

Offer to make her some tea.

Offer to make her a sandwich.

Don’t ask her if she remembered to buy your baby special milk.

Offer to do something nice.  Cook lunch.  Make dinner.

She doesn’t need this kind of visit.  She isn’t your cheerful hostess and entertainment finder that she has always been for the last thirty years. 

People are so fucking rude. 

I just can’t even imagine.




4 Comments on “No Princess”

  1. Becky says:

    Man, *I* want to punch your cousin in the face.

  2. polwygle says:

    I would tell them this because I would feel the need to defend my mum. Then again I don’t relate to people well.

  3. Jen says:

    I’d probably go ahead and say it all. Of course, I’m crap at relationships.

  4. missohkay says:

    Ugh. That’s unbelievable.

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