Chemo Eve

Today is Chemo Eve. 

Tomorrow, my Mom will go have her first of the initial eighteen chemo treatments her oncologist has ordered for her.  Eight hours at his office, once a week for eighteen weeks.  My Dad and I both have to work, but my sister was able to arrange things with her kids so that she could go with her.  None of us want her to be there alone.  Especially not for the first one.

My sister and I have tried very hard to get many things done for her prior to today.  There are a few things that we failed on, but there is only so much time.    We did get her house clean and in order.  We did get the family pictures done, and got some organizing in her house done.  We met with a financial planner.  She applied for social security.  For the most part, even though it is stupid and full of suck, she got her work situation taken care of, at least for now.

We wanted to get some meals made and ready to heat up for her, and this just hasn’t happened as of yet.  My sister was going to try to make a couple of casseroles today so they could at least have them in the freezer and ready to go.  The good thing is that my Dad is a pretty good cook, so he should be able to take care of the kitchen duties so my Mom doesn’t have to.  We had heard a few things about it being much better if she doesn’t prepare her own meals so that the actual cooking doesn’t make her nauseous.  We’ll see.

She is scared and nervous.  Today, just talking about some regular things it made her tear up.

Yesterday, she had to have some labs done, and another CT scan.  We are assuming the CT scan is to show a “before” picture, and that they will do one in the middle of her treatment and at the end to see if it has helped.  I hope that it does.  If it does nothing, and she loses her hair and be sick for no reason she will be pissed.  I will be as well.  Praying for the best.  It’s all we can do.

The various doctor’s offices are kind of being assholes. 

My Mom had purchased “cancer insurance” two months before getting diagnosed.  Her work had to change insurance carriers.  She had to sign up early due to my parents going out-of-town.  Two months.  She had only paid two premiums.  The insurance went into effect on 12/01, she had to be cancer free for 30 days for the waiting period, she was diagnosed 22 days after the 30 days was up.

This is insurance that pays you based on the treatments that you must have.  There is a certain amount per day for a hospital stay, a certain amount for each day of chemo, a certain amount for each radiation treatment, CT scans, PET scans, MRI’s and many, many other tests and treatments.  When she first realized that she had bought this, and that she was covered, it was a sigh of relief.  At least there would be some money coming in.  The problem is getting the doctor’s offices to send the information in to the insurance company.  Since they are not the ones getting paid, they are not as apt to be helpful.  I wish they would realize that if they helped her submit the claims, it would help her to actually pay them. 

If they continue to act out of sorts for submitting the paperwork, I may need to go with her and have a little talk with them.  It is just ridiculous.


In none cancer related news, my daughter had two sleepovers this weekend.  Which means that my husband and I had two whole nights alone.  Friday and a Saturday.  Completely crazy.  We seriously almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Then we fixed that problem.

Friday night we ordered food in, and watched a movie with no interruptions.  None.  No drinks of water, no complaining that we aren’t watching a “kid” movie, no turning the sound up or down, just us watching a movie together.  Snuggling on the couch, not opposite couches like what normally happens.  Saturday, we went out for drinks and appetizers just the two of us.  We actually talked to each other.  A very good night, we needed that.

Mea has her school music program on Thursday afternoon.  The music teacher has requested that Mea’s class wear white t-shirts, and jeans.  I wonder if Mea’s music teacher has children.  The program is after lunch.  The kids in her class are most likely going to look completely tragic.  I can only begin to imagine.  Now, I have dressed Mea in white before, I think it looks really cute with her skin, but she is only dressed in white if I am there to hover over her and make sure she doesn’t move or touch anything. 

We shall see.  White clothes combined with Mea constantly “tightening” her poofs, is sure to make for an extremely adorable look.  Pictures will be forthcoming on Friday.



3 Comments on “Chemo Eve”

  1. karmavore says:

    So sorry about your mom. Tough stuff.

    Happy you got a couple of couple nights. Amazing how strange these evenings become!

  2. Jen says:

    I hope it goes ok tomorrow. I’ll be keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. I’m glad you guys had a chance to connect.

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