We have piles of snow everywhere.  We did not get hit with the really bad stuff, like the poor people down in Kansas and Missouri, but we got way more white stuff than any weatherman had predicted.  Originally, they said 1-3 inches.  The next thing we know the forecast is changed, and we are getting 6-9 inches.  Piles and piles of stuff.

This is the problem with predictions.  It is a guess.  Sometimes an educated guess, but a guess none the less.

Today was Mom’s first day of chemo.  She had decided to have her chemo day be Wednesday’s because her doctor is actually there on Wednesday.  It does make sense, but it is an awful day for everyone.  My Dad works on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  I work all the time, but Wednesday is a day that we are typically short-staffed.  The kids all have early out on Wednesday, which means that my sister has to have the kids picked up at 1:30 in the afternoon.

She doesn’t want anyone to be inconvenienced.  We all want to make sure that we can be there if she needs us.  It was decided that my sister would go with her for her treatment today.  My BIL worked from home today, so he could take care of the kids. 

Then my sister started coming down with a cold.

She did pick Mom up and take her.  The longer she sat with her the worse she was feeling.  Nose running, sore throat, all the things that come with a cold.  She was miserable.  She really couldn’t stay.  She was risking getting everyone there sick, including our Mom.  She called our Dad and asked him to leave work so he could come sit with Mom.

Which he did.

I just got a text from her a little bit ago.  Tomorrow she has to have three more hours of chemo.  It is part of the study that she was approved for.  She is now going to miss Mea’s music program. 

They could only get her in tomorrow for her treatment at 12:30.  Mea’s program starts at 1:30.  Mom is so upset.  She has never missed any of the kid’s programs.  Not one of them.  Recitals, music programs, plays, band concerts, she hasn’t missed one single program or show.  Not one. 

It just sucks.

I am trying to make it seem like it’s not that big of a deal.  Told her that I would record it on my phone so she could see video of it.  I told her that I could bring Mea over and she could do a “performance” just for Nana.

It worries me that this is the first of many things that will be missed.  It worries me that it will make my Mom sad, mad, frustrated, etc. 

The problem is that as much as the doctors can try to predict how things will be, nothing is in our control anymore.  All the control has gone to the doctors and the disease. 

Again, back to the predictions.  They can make an educated guess as to how things will be, but there is no guarantee.  One burst of wind can change the path of the storm.  One group of cells not responding to treatment can breed others.



3 Comments on “Prediction”

  1. Cancer sucks I hate that it’s taking things from you mom, like Mea’s program.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m very sorry your Mom doesn’t get to enjoy the first performance. Cancer sucks.

  3. hunnagirl says:

    I’m sorry you all are having to go through this. Cancer sucks! It does take control of lots of things. But you can control your outlook. It was fabulous to suggest Mea do a special show just for your mom. That’s for sure making the best of it!

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