Pardon me, I Think your Crazy is Showing

Mea’s program was good fun.  Very cute.

Her school breaks the programs up by splitting the grades.  Kindergarten and First Grade are together, then the other grades are lumped together somehow as well.  The Kindergarten classes went first.  Very cute.  They did all kinds of animal songs, the little kids really were into their roles of monkey, duck, rabbit, and bear.  Very cute.  The First Grade was sports themed, so we heard “Take Me Out To the Ballgame,” and other sporty songs.

As with most school programs, the kindergarteners were done, and there was a mass exodus to leave by all the Kindergarten parents.  Last year, when Mea was in Kindergarten we stayed for the First Grade performance as well.  I hate that the parents get up and leave, the auditorium is half empty for the remaining class.  It’s not fair or right. 

As much as everyone wanted to be there yesterday, I was the only one there.  I made sure that I was there very early, so I had a spot in the front and center, so I could record the show for my Mom, and almost as important, I found a good place to park, where I wasn’t blocked in, and I had an escape route from the parking lot.  My husband was out-of-town for the day, my sister was still sick, Mack had to work, and my parents were with Dr. Chemo.  So really, I was recording the show for everyone. 

When the show was over, the kids were allowed to be signed out by their parents to go home for the day.  The funny thing is, that when they were done, the music teacher made an announcement that there apparently were Kindergarten parents stuck in the parking lot blocked in by parked First Grade parents cars.  (I did find this a little funny, since they couldn’t be bothered to watch the other grade’s performance.  Serves them right.)  First rule of parking at Mea’s school is make sure you can get your car out of the space you have parked in.  Second rule of parking at Mea’s school is make sure that the car you park next to is at least as nice as yours if not nicer, because the parents who drive shitty cars, drive like shit and will just hit your car if it’s in the way.  (I am not joking.  I have seen more accidents in the parking lot here in the last 2 1/2 years than I have on any street.)

The good news is that Mea just cared that there was someone there to watch her. 

When we were leaving, we were cussed out in the parking lot by parents who were in their cars blocked in.  We weren’t blocking them in.  Yet, they had to yell at me while I was walking with my kid to the car. 


You think that is okay?

If it wasn’t for the fact that our sitter will only take and pick up from this school, Mea would not be going there.  I hate it.  I hate the parents, I don’t like very many of the kids.  The only thing it really has going for it is that so far I have liked the teachers, it is the only saving grace.

If Lolo retires, we are out of there, based on the crazy parents alone.

My parents stopped by our house after they were done with Dr. Chemo.  Mom bought Mea a bouquet of “Crazy Daisies.”  She was quite impressed with getting her “own” flowers.  They are in her room.  She is not sharing.  Mea showed Nana the video I uploaded, her solo and everything.  Sang around and danced in the living room.

Mea said, “See Nana, it’s just like you were there.”

I suppose it was worth it after all to see all of the crazies yesterday.


In Mom news, there is a couple of things.  She had her first chemo treatment on Wednesday, and was approved to be part of a new chemo drug study that she had to do yesterday.  So far she feels pretty good.  A little achy, a little tired, but not bad.  She is going to get her hair cut off next Thursday.  As petty as it sounds, this is one thing that she and I am having a hard time with.  I am glad that her beautician agreed to do it, Mom asked me, but I didn’t think I could do it.  I cut my husband’s hair, I can do bald, but I don’t think I could have done this to my Mom.

Today, Mom went to see Dr. Lung, and he said that her x-ray looks the clearest it has looked since he’s seen her.  He also said that it’s possible that the kiwi has shrunk in size.  He is having her come back one more time, and then he is releasing her to the care of Dr. Chemo alone.  Awesome news.

Also, cancer insurance, I didn’t even know that this was a thing.  My Mom had open enrollement for her new benefits plan in November.  On a whim, she bought a “cancer policy.”  Separate from her health benefits and life insurance, it’s own policy.  It is a policy that pays the patient, not the doctors.  She was active on Dec. 1st.  Had to be cancer free for 30 days.  She was admitted to the hospital January 16th.  Diagnosed with cancer on January 21st.  Twenty-two days after she was eligible the insurance started paying.  Now with all the drama around her actual health insurance, I forgot about this temporarily.  It pays per treatment.  Per drug.  Per hospital stay.  Per test.  Per everything.

The agent called her today to tell her they are overnighting the check for her hospital stay.  It is big.  More than she would have made working in the last two months, maybe more than she would have made working half of the year.

Yesterday she was panicking about how she was going to pay the bills.  There is a lot of money going out, but there hasn’t been much coming in.

Today, there is hope that everything is going to be okay for a while. 

Maybe there has been someone out there looking out for her after all?


2 Comments on “Pardon me, I Think your Crazy is Showing”

  1. Jen says:

    I’m glad that the program was good and that there is that bright spot with the insurance. What a gift, to ease some of that burden

  2. At my stepson’s school, they have the performance stagger — so the one grade doesn’t go all at once. It really helps with all the parents leaving in the middle thing, though sometimes it’s hard to sit through the whole thing, if you know what I mean. What jerks for yelling at you in the parking lot!

    Sweet of your mom to have flowers for Mea, and I’m glad Mea felt like it was just like she was there.

    I wish my job had a cancer policy. My DH has one, and he enrolled (and it’s relatively cheap), but I don’t have the option.

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