Bloggling Eleven, Regaining My Sanity Edition

Let’s just get to it, shall we?

  • I was thinking today that I may have lost my funny.
  • Then I laughed at myself for thinking such stupid thoughts.
  • My sense of humor is in here somewhere. 
  • It’s just had a heaping pile of bullshit covering it up.
  • I am over it.
  • This weekend we took Mea and my youngest niece to the Science Center. 
  • We had a Groupon.
  • So did the other eleventy billion people who were there.
  • I didn’t tell my sister, but I sort of lost my niece.
  • Only for a few minutes, so it totally doesn’t count.
  • It easily could have been Mea.
  • Except, I could spy Mea anywhere based on the size of her poofs alone, in any crowd.
  • S does not have poofs.  She has the super-duper stick straight hairs just like her favorite Aunt Kelly.
  • Poor little S.  She is doomed to be forever searching for volumizing hair products that don’t do jack.
  • We saw Sue the T-Rex.
  • Pretty cool to see if you get a chance.
  • We also saw an I-Max movie about dolphins.
  • I nearly hurled.
  • Every single time we have ever been to the Science Center, the turtles are doing it.
  • “Momma, why are the turtles laying on each other like that?”
  • “Um, they are cuddling to stay warm.”
  • We went to dinner with my BIL and his fiancée
  • We had a good time.
  • So glad that he has his life on track.
  • Our oldest daughter did not have a great time.
  • She was there, at the same restaurant with her kids, younger sister and some friends, not with us, total coincidence.
  • Right when they were finally getting taken back to their seats, my older grandson (3) threw up everywhere.
  • Needless to say, they went home.
  • Yesterday, Mea spent much of the morning pretending to be me.
  • She had her pink phone, pink cash register, a notebook, and some fake money.


Mea being me.

Mea being me.

  • She even has keys, and is wearing one of my nametags.  (With her name on it.  Label maker, you are Mea’s friend.)
  • Yesterday, she told me that if she had a baby girl that she is going to name it Bethany Rapunzel.  Bethany for Bethany Hamilton the surfer, and Rapunzel because it’s a cool name.
  • This girl makes me smile.
  • Every. Single. Day.
  • Even when she is screaming at me when I am doing her hair.
  • Which is getting cut on Saturday.
  • And braided.
  • I am tired of the daily hair battle.
  • I have been trying to make dinner for my family of three, plus make enough extra to feed my parents.  They are only a few miles away, yesterday it was still hot when I got to their house. 
  • So far, I am not struggling with this.  My Dad even had seconds of the beef stroganoff that I brought them yesterday. 
  • So I didn’t poison them either.
  • Today its pot roast.
  • Tomorrow, they may be on their own.  Frozen pizza doesn’t travel, or double well.
  • My Mom started chemo on Wednesday.
  • She was very sore all weekend.  Body aches like nothing she has ever felt before.
  • She did not throw up.  Which in my book, is a WIN.
  • Vomiting is one of the worst things ever.
  • Speaking of hair, she is getting her hair buzzed off on Thursday.
  • Of anything we have dealt with so far, this is the one thing that is going to make it all seem real.
  • There isn’t anything funny about that.
  • We have bought hats, in all different styles, weights, and shapes to cover her head.
  • I love hats.
  • I wish that I had even half of the hats that I had when I was a teenager/younger version of me.
  • So many awesome hats.
  • Now, not so much.
  • I am reading the new Jodi Picoult.  I can always get sucked into her books.  This one is good.
  • I miss my Mack.
  • She is coming down to spend the weekend with us in a couple of weeks.
  • She is having her “wise teeth” removed.  Her words.
  • So she needs me.
  • I will be at her beck and call.
  • It’s been a while since I have been.
  • I am looking forward to it.
  • And I am looking forward to seeing her looped out on drugs.
  • I may make a video.
  • Hopefully she does something really hilarious.
  • Then I could win money on AFV.
  • A Momma can dream can’t she?

This is all for Bloggling Eleven.


3 Comments on “Bloggling Eleven, Regaining My Sanity Edition”

  1. Oh, that wondering about losing your sense of humor thing…I’ve been going through that a lot lately. In my former, pre-birth mother life, I use to be a strictly comedic writer, proudly brandishing my sarcasm as my weapon of choice. Things are all so serious now! I’m glad to get confirmation that humor doesn’t evaporate when we’re not looking.

  2. Jen says:

    I think your funny is still in there, it just has a lot of competition right now. I knew I liked you… I LOVE hats! I never wear them because I get wicked hat hair,but oh how I love them. This is where the English have it over us for sure. I am glad the food is going well with the doubling and that your mom hasn’t been sick. I hope Mack’s visit and the wise teeth extraction goes well. I am sure it will do everyone good to have some home & Mama time. I enjoy the blogglings.

  3. shannon2818 says:

    You have a lot going on – I’m glad you still have your sense of humor!

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