Let’s talk about chewing gum today shall we?

I am not a gum chewer, I have issues with my jaw, and chewing gum aggravates it.  Not a fan.

Now, I was a huge fan in the past, I remember quite fondly chewing giant wads of Hubba Bubba, Bubbalicious, and Bazooka.  Bubble gum blowing contests at car shows my parents dragged us to.  Blowing bubbles with my friends to see who could blow the biggest bubble. 

I also recall the first time that I got in trouble with a wad of chewing gum.

Apparently, I was done with the piece I was chewing. 

I was probably around Mea’s age.

I stuck it between the cushions of the couch.

Which my Mom sat on.

Of course she sat right in the middle of the two cushions so the gum got all over her behind.

In a new pair of pants.

I was in BIG trouble.

I wasn’t allowed to have gum for years.  By the time I could again, I had that whole sore jaw thing going on.

Mack was never much of a gum chewer, I don’t recall any issues with her with the super sticky substance, besides her stepping in it occasionally.

Mea on the other hand, is a gum freak.  For the most part she is pretty good with it.  She has chewed gum since she was little.  In fact, it was one of the ways that we were able to get her to quit taking her nuggie.  (If any of you recall, she had her nuggie (pacifier) until her fifth birthday.  I wasn’t going to take away her comfort item.  But, five was the cutoff.  Before it ruined her teeth, and she got some sort of stigma for having a pacifier at age five.

Last night, she was chewing a piece of gum while she was in the bath.  I had no idea that she had it.

When I got her out of the tub, she had run and hid so I couldn’t do her hair, and by the time I coaxed her out of her very bad hiding spot, she had a chunk of hair in her mouth.

With gum in it.

I nearly wept.

It wasn’t a big amount of gum.  Pretty small really.  Since her hair is always up it’s not something that I have ever worried about.  You live and you learn.

I just took a pair of scissors to it.  Problem solved.

She ate dinner.

We did her hair.

We watched some TV.

I put her to bed.

A little while later I hear some whining, and go to see what is the matter, or yell at her.

The girl went to bed with gum in her mouth.  Snuck it.

No more gum.


Possibly until she is an adult and has moved out of our house.


3 Comments on “Gum”

  1. Becky says:

    I chewed gum like a fiend when I was younger. Then I got “lock jaw” and had to quit. It made me sad. I used to stick it on the side of my bed at night after sneaking it after I’d brushed my teeth. Many a morning I’d wake up with it in my hair, or on my pj’s, or my special blankets (which I may or may not to admit to sleeping with until I went to college).

  2. Jen says:

    I don’t really understand gum. It just sort of pisses me off really. I have tried many times to like it, but I just don’t.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I can’t stand gum and don’t let the girls have it.
    There is a night club I know which has banned gum, so the path outside is totally covered in white dried out globs of the stuff. It looks like 1000 pigeons have all pooped at once. Gross!

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