There are a few things that have happened, or rather not happened, that have really opened my eyes in the last two weeks.

Before I go into that, let me tell you that I did win my Unemployment Hearing.  Thank Cheeses.  I should have some money direct deposited into my checking account Friday.  This is good news.  I was worried about the hearing until it happened.  By the end of the call, I knew that they would find in my favor.

I have several friends that work for my previous employer.  Not just work friends.  Friend friends.  There is a difference.  I am well aware of this.  Two of my best friends are people whom I have worked with.

My friend Lori was hired just a few months prior to me.  We worked our way up in the company together, and were both promoted within months of each other.  We went on several trips out-of-town together, work related, but we grew really close.  She and her husband have been together about the same amount of time that my husband and I have been together, although they haven’t been married nearly as long.  There is a significant age difference between them, similar to my husband and I.

Prior to them getting married, she had an apartment, and basically paid rent to have a place to store her clothes and shower.  Her husband was afraid to commit.  He had been divorced, and it was ugly, and he didn’t want to go through that again.  She had been divorced and it was ugly.

At one point after they had finally moved in together they got into a huge fight, and she had nowhere to go.  She stayed with us for a week, until they worked out their problems and she went home.  Not only was she close to me, but my husband as well.

She had many issues with her youngest son.  He had issues with drugs, and had been in and out of trouble with the police since he was a teenager.  I stood by her many times when he had been picked up for one thing or another, when he was in prison, and many other things.

Our friendship has remained over the years, although it does seem that it’s been a bit strained over the last few years.  After she and her husband finally got married, and Mea came home, it just seemed like the social part of our friendship went away.

I haven’t heard from her at all.

I can’t begin to tell you how hurt I am.

My other good friend from work is my ex-boss’ admin.  I can understand him distancing himself a bit from things, and right now, for me he’s too close to the situation for me to talk to him.  I am not as worried about this friendship, I am sure it will be fine, but a text or email might have been nice.

Both of these friends were people who had said they would do the email project for my Mom.  The email project was two days after I was let go.  Three of my other old co-workers messaged me to say they still wanted to participate, and they did send her emails, these three didn’t even know my Mom, where my other two good friends do know her.

My Mom and I were talking about friends the other day.  Some are great when it comes to a crisis.  Others, not so much.  She said the other day that she has had more support from friends of mine and my sister’s than some of her own friends.

It is kind of sad.

It shows who your real friends are when something like this happens.

It also makes me that much more thankful for all of you.


One Comment on “Ah-Ha’s”

  1. Jen says:

    I am generally surprised by people in things like this. Not the same as your Mom’s situation, but there are people from the old job who I genuinely believed I was friends with and we’d stay in touch. I’ve reached out a few times. Nothing, no response. Crickets chirping.

    I am glad you and your Mom have found some support however. 🙂

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