Easter Magic

My sister was out-of-town on Easter Sunday.  Due to this, we decided to post-pone our Easter brunch until this coming Sunday.

Easter is normally “our” holiday, so we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do.  Our oldest daughter called and was planning her own brunch, and an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  Mea had a blast playing with her nieces and nephews, my husband’s ex-wife behaved herself, most likely because he was there.  It seems that she is only an asshole to me if I am at an event with the girls alone.  Brunch was tasty, and it was fun to do something different.

Yesterday I had an idea for something fun for the little girls to do, and to help explain the absence of the Easter Egg hunt.

Letter from the Easter Bunny.

Letter from the Easter Bunny.

I typed up a letter and left it for Mea, along with three small flower pots, and 3 bags of jelly beans.  I emailed the letter to my sister so she could share it with the girls.

So overnight, after they have planted their magic jelly beans, the jelly beans will “grow” into lollipops.  I am thinking about maybe adding a small flower to the pots as well, so that they actually have a purpose after the magic jelly beans grow.

I really can’t wait to see the expression on their faces when they see what the magic does.


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