Markedly Improved

This morning, my sister and I took Mom to her appointment with Dr. Chemo.  She had an actual appointment with him, vs. just going in for her chemo treatment.  She also had labs done to get ready for her long chemo day today.

Dr. Chemo ran through her symptoms, and how she had been feeling.  He did a quick exam, listened to her breathing, poked her here and there to see if she was sore in any places.

Then he went over the CT scan results.  He said that if there isn’t improvement, the radiologist basically says “No Improvement” and moves on.  He was impressed with the report from the radiologist.  Every problem area is “markedly improved.”  Every single place.  Her rib, her lymph nodes, the tumor, the places she had the radiation on her femurs.  All markedly improved.

He said that she is amazing.

He was very pleased with the results of the chemo so far.  He was concerned with her lab work from last week, but her labs today were four times higher than last week.  Her white count was extremely low last week.  Today she was back in the normal range.

I know that she was quite pleased.  I am a little disturbed by something she said later after they were running her pre-meds.  She made a comment about how maybe she would beat this thing after all.

I know that sometimes it’s probably good for her to think this way, it is important for her to stay positive, but at the same time it hurts me when she does.  I am just trying to be realistic.  If I go to this delusional place, I think it will hurt more when something does happen.  The doctor told my cousin that even with the treatment we are looking at 6-24 months.  It could be longer, but only 10% of people with stage 4 lung cancer live five years with this disease.

She has been a bit funny about my Dad lately.  He recently was cut down to only working one day per week.  Technically, he could take her to her treatments.  She doesn’t want him to at all.  She said that he doesn’t really talk while they are there, that he has fallen asleep while she was getting her meds, that it’s boring with him there.  I get it, he’s not a huge conversationalist, but it’s hard to hear her talk so harshly about him.

She did say that he seems to be coming to terms with things much better than he had been.  He even cracked a joke about something with her hair, and she actually thought it was funny as well.  That was good to hear.

Yesterday at school, Mea’s class watched a video about kids with leukemia.  They are currently doing a penny drive at school going to research for kids with leukemia.  She was telling me about how her teacher asked if they knew anyone who has been sick or who is sick with cancer.  Mea raised her hand.  She said a few other kids did too.  She told the class about going wig shopping with Nana.  She told them that Nana doesn’t have hair, but that she is her same Nana she has always been, and now she gets to wear pretty scarves.

That little girl of mine is a smart cookie.  So sweet.


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  1. Jen says:

    I love Mea’s responses!

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