A New Favorite…Joseph Nogucci

Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Living Social deal to Joseph Nogucci.  It was for a leather, hand-woven wrap bracelet.  I knew that Mack had been coveting several on Etsy, and decided that it would be a good fun gift to surprise her with.

Leather Wrap for my Mack

Leather Wrap for my Mack

She loves it.  So pretty.

Then I was hooked.  They have awesome deals, often offer giveaways on Facebook, and Instagram just for following them.  I have cashed in on two of the free offers, and bought a bracelet for myself while I was at it too.

After following them on Instagram, I found out that they would allow bloggers and Instagrammers to host giveaways if you did a review for them!  All in!

In the mail on Sunday, I received three new bracelets for review.  They are awesome.  I wore some in a stack yesterday, and wore one with my sterling bangle that I never take off to a job interview today.  So versatile, and can be dressed up or down.

Dharma/Kikiballa stack...

Dharma/Kikiballa stack…

The bracelet on the left is the one that I purchased.  Three to the right are the samples.  One lucky reader can win one of the three to the right!  All you have to do is follow Joseph Nogucci on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Leave me a message that you did so, with your Instagram or Twitter handle.

Free stuff!

And GO!

Winner will be drawn at random next Monday, May 27, 2013.  Comment to win!


2 Comments on “A New Favorite…Joseph Nogucci”

  1. pastelhell says:

    I liked on facebook! “Erin Auvinen” is mah name

  2. Holly says:

    I saw the link that you put on FB and am already following them! Hooray for good deals!!! :0)

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