Bloggling Sixteen

In no particular order, crap in my brain.

  • I had two interviews yesterday, an actual interview and a phone pre-interview that has led to an in person interview on Thursday.
  • Both jobs are making decisions next week.
  • Both have good points, and bad.
  • We shall see what next week brings.
  • Mack and her boyfriend are traveling to visit the grad school this weekend. He will see what the school and program are about.  Hopefully, they will find a place to live, and she can try to look for places to start applying to work.
  • We still haven’t told Mea about the move yet.
  • I want to, almost did the other day, but my husband hushed me the other day when I started to tell her.
  • It sort of made me want to punch him.
  • She needs to know.
  • I may tell her today.
  • I have asked Mack to come clean out her old bedroom.  Box stuff up she wants to keep, and throw the rest of it away.  I am happy to store it for her, but it would be nice to have that room to use.
  • It’s been three years.
  • It can’t sit in limbo for three more years while they are off in Ohio.
  • I thought she’d be upset, but she was fine with it.
  • I told her that I was going to move some of Mea’s toys down there, and now she want to paint a mural in there for her.
  • Mea will love this so much!
  • I am still at odds with my sister.
  • Last week, I asked her if she could take Mea for a night.
  • She couldn’t, the girls were staying the night with friends, and they were going out with friends.
  • I understood, to a point.
  • I am slightly annoyed that she never asks for her niece, or if she does it is for an overnight on a Wednesday or a Thursday, which really is of no use to us.
  • She told me to ask my Mom to take her.
  • My parents had my nieces the next night, they had been out-of-town for the previous few days, and I felt it would be too much to ask.
  • Mom tires easily.
  • The kids are exhausting.
  • Two nights in a row would be too much.
  • My sister told our Mom (after the fact) that I had needed a sitter and wouldn’t ask her.
  • My Mom then “yelled” at me for not asking her to take Mea.
  • My sister is a big blabber mouth.
  • But I guess we already knew that, right?
  • My Mom had a CT scan yesterday.
  • Results back tomorrow.
  • Dr. Chemo told her the other day, that another patient he has currently in the same trial as my Mom is going into his fourth year on the program.
  • This is really encouraging.
  • Next week, Mea is being moved up to the advanced class in gymnastics.
  • She is soooooo excited.
  • We bought her a practice mat for her birthday.
  • My parents bought her a practice beam.
  • At least now when she is flipping around the house she won’t be landing only on our hardwood floors.
  • Cushion is good.

This is it.  Don’t forget about the Joseph Nogucci giveaway!


One Comment on “Bloggling Sixteen”

  1. Jen says:

    That is super encouraging news!! I sometimes don’t like your sister very much. I don’t even know her, but you know, she could be more supportive. Congratulations to Mea with the moving up. So exciting.

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