Although, I know that kids grow up faster than fast, I still cannot believe that my littlest girl is now seven.

We had a birthday party for her friends, cousins, and nieces at the zoo on Saturday.  The kids had a great time.  It was a bit of a cluster, but they didn’t seem to notice.

The day started off by my middle step-daughter calling right before we left for the party stating that she and her girls were not going to be there.  Her reason sounded pretty weak to me, and after our oldest daughter arrived at the party with her two kids, she basically confirmed that she thought that she just didn’t want to come.  I am pissed about this.  A week ago she called and guilt tripped me by saying that we hadn’t had the girls over much lately.  When she has asked the last few times we had plans, plain and simple.  I fed into the guilt trip, and had her girls over last weekend.  Now, she has both her Dad and I annoyed with her.  This is not the first birthday of Mea’s that she has missed.  This is also the same step-daughter who we had the issue with last year.

I paid for a party at the zoo.  We are members, so there is a small discount.  When I signed up for the party, we were supposed to have two animals be presented to the kids to pet, and to learn about.  Mea had her choice of a few different animals to have presented, she chose to have a baby alligator, and a hedge hog.  As a “bonus” otherwise known as an attempt to shut the crazy mom up, they also brought a duck.  They all liked being able to see the animals up close and to be able to pet them.

More than anything, the zoo party was just disorganized.  From the website, they made it look quite structured, but it was far from that.  Due to their disorganization, we didn’t even have time to actually go through the zoo.

The kids ate cupcakes and ice cream, rode the carousel, rode the train and feed the giant fish.

One of Mea’s friends came over to stay the night after we were done with the party.

Foofing the candles out.

Foofing the candles out.

Yesterday, on Mea’s actual birthday, we met Mack and my parents for breakfast.  I didn’t tell Mea that they were going to be there.  She was so excited to see Mack on her birthday, I thought she was going to cry.  Tomorrow, Mack, Mea and I are going to go to an amusement park for the day.

We had my parents, my brother-in-law and his fiancée over for Mea’s birthday dinner.  We bought her a 3DS, a few games, and a gymnastics mat.  My parents bought her a practice beam (just lies on the floor) a new leotard with matching shorts, and a 3DS game.

Mea declared this the best birthday ever.

Birthday sillies.

Birthday sillies.

I will most likely come back to vent a bit about this situation with my step-daughter.  I need to get some of it out before my head explodes.  I didn’t want her lack of caring to ruin Mea’s birthday, so I let it go on Saturday.


One Comment on “Seven”

  1. Jen says:

    I’m sorry the zoo wasn’t more organized. I can’t believe our girls are 7. How did this happen so fast? I’m glad Mea got to have various activities and special time with Mack.

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