New Members of the Family

I have decided that the easiest way to deal with The Questioneers, is going to be to just embrace them into the family.  They have become less annoying to me over time.  They are just kids, and I think they are just looking for adult attention.  Something tells me they don’t get a lot of it at home.

I haven’t mentioned them in a while, but since Mea and I have been home nearly every single day, we have been spending a lot of time with the twins.  Similar to last time, it is getting to the point that I don’t really notice them too much anymore.

They are just a fixture.  Part of the fence line between our two houses.  If we are outside and they are outside they are at the four-foot section of fence asking questions.

We have just passed through our busiest holiday/birthday season around here.  Between Mother’s Day, my Dad’s birthday, my birthday, Mea’s birthday, my niece S’s birthday and Father’s Day we have had so many BBQ’s and cookouts at our house it is insane.

Thankfully, the weather has been nice enough for us to be able to set up on the driveway aka patio, and eat, drink and be merry there.

The only issue is that four-foot piece of fence.

Where I have gotten used to them, my husband has mostly gotten used to them, and they are actually missed if Mea doesn’t see them, our family and friends are always amazed at our 7-year-old neighbors standing at the fence asking eleventy billion questions.

Then I notice it again.

“Kelly, what are you doing?”

“Mea’s Mom!  Who is coming over tonight?”

“Mea’s Mom!  What are you going to be eating?”

“Mea, are you getting presents again today?”

And so on.

Times infinity.

So the last couple of times I have politely asked them to quit asking our friends and family eleventy billion questions, and that it is a little rude to watch us eat.

This I blame on Mea.

She feeds them all the time.

I am pretty positive that they must not ever get snacks.  Or drinks besides water.

I have busted Mea giving them candy, ice cream bars, fruit, fruit snacks, granola bars, chips, dip, once a sandwich.  I have had to explain to her that I cannot afford to feed the neighborhood, and that if The Questioneers are hungry, they should go ask their parents for a snack. A few weeks ago she fed them candy sprayed with perfume.

They ate it.

Then last week, they asked for a snack again.  Mea disappeared into the backyard, and came back out a few minutes later.  The boys had gone up to their house.

When I asked what they were doing, she said that they were getting a drink of water.

Then she told me that she fed the twins crab apples off of our tree.

Now crab apples are edible.

If the tree produces mature fruit.  I specifically remember having crab apple jelly made by my Auntie Ann that was super delicious.

Crab apples.

Crab apples.

However, our tree does not have mature fruit.  The crab apples on our trees are about the size of a skittle.  A mature crab apple is about the size of a golf ball.

We did not see the boys the following day, or the day after that for that matter.

Makes me wonder if they ended up with belly aches after eating things that Mea gave them.

Maybe they will think twice before eating food that Mea offers them from now on.




One Comment on “New Members of the Family”

  1. missohkay says:

    I’m a little behind, but this is hilarious 🙂

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