When I first started at my old job ten plus years ago, Mack was ten years old, and in the Fifth Grade.

I LOVED her teacher.  She was just amazing.

Over the years with my girls, I have always gone out of my way for their teachers.  They have a hard job, and I have always felt that it was my job to be supportive of them.  If there was a need, I was on it.  Particularly if I liked their teacher.

Shortly after I started my job, Mack had parent/teacher conferences.  Her teacher and I got to visiting about a fund-raiser that the school was doing.  They were doing a penny drive for something.  I honestly have no idea what the something was anymore.  What I do know, is that they raised a LOT of pennies.

Being the supportive Momma that I am, I offered my services to her teacher.  I was a new assistant manager of a bank, new to banking, period.

We would be glad to count the pennies in exchange for cash for their fundraiser.

Me and my big mouth.

At the time, I was located at the downtown office.

The employee parking lot was about three-quarters of a mile away from the building.

Across two sets of train tracks.

Across the street from the jail, and the courthouse.

No big deal.

Did you know that $50 in pennies weighs approximately twenty-nine pounds?

Do you know that I carried TWO gallon sized buckets for almost a mile, each day for two weeks?  A gallon of pennies is about $70 worth.  Walking about twenty feet, then setting the buckets down to rest for a bit, then picking them up and starting over.

Before you ask, I couldn’t drop them off at my office, there was no street parking at the time that I arrived.

However, it did dawn on me after I had carried all the pennies for two weeks, that I could have gone to a different office.  I am an idiot.

I have no idea if the school made its goal in the penny drive, or not.

What I do know is that I was not so quick to volunteer my services after that experience.



2 Comments on “Pennies”

  1. Jen says:

    ROFL!! Oh goodness, the image of you lugging all those pennies.

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