I Am Alive

For the most part anyway. I am texting this in from my phone as I am too tired, lazy, exhausted, and so on, to grab my laptop that is two feet away.

Mack is home. Which means Olive is home too.

There is so much stuff in my house, garage, basement, driveway and porch, I can barely turn around without running into someone, or something.

So. Much. Stuff.

We are attempting to pull off a big family/friends BBQ before Mack leaves. I am pulling this out of my behind. It also absolutely cannot be here. See above. So. Much. Stuff.

I have rented a park shelter.

Work is going.

Last week was training for my job. I finished 3 weeks worth of training in two and a half days. This week I have been doing “real work” and today I was mostly on my own. This job will make me hate the phone even more than I already do.
Don’t call me, I will call you.

Or most likely text you after you call me to find out what you wanted because I hate listening to voicemail almost as much as I hate talking on the phone. I know at least one of you can relate….(Jen!)

With this, I am done. Before my fingers start cramping. I hope to give you a proper post sometime this weekend, if I can dig myself out from all of Mack’s crap long enough to find my laptop, and sit down somewhere in this house uninterrupted for a few minutes to type up a real post.


One Comment on “I Am Alive”

  1. Jen says:

    I hope the send-off is a good one and visits are frequent.

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