A Diamond in the Rough, or Something Like That

Mea has now broken her special “Nana necklace” twice. The first time it was in my car, and I found all but one piece.  This time, we kept all the pieces, until I went to put them on the new chain I ordered, and dropped her “birthday jewel.”

I am sure it will turn up.  I have swept all around where I dropped it, have gone through my purse (and discovered a bottle of lotion with the lid off inside of a pocket) because my purse was on the floor right around the same place that I dropped it.  Glad I found the lotion before stuff got ruined.

As I was looking, I thought about this time when I was at work soon after I started working in jewelry.

My boss was kind of a weasel.  He sort of looked like a weasel, and he just had that kind of smarmy sleazy salesman vibe about him.  Some of our customers just hated him, specifically for this reason.  He did a lot of “creative” sales.  You could never quite figure out if he was ripping off the company or the customer, but it seemed like he was ripping off someone.

We would often order in loose diamonds.  The ones that were sent to us for engagement rings back then tended to be super ugly. Cloudy, full of inclusions, ugly.  We would special order stones in to have on hand.  Often we would have several large, high quality stones in the store at a time.  Most stores would special order stones specifically for a client.  We kept stones there so we were ready if someone wanted to buy one.

My sleazy manager had ordered several larger diamonds in for a client.  When they would come in we would unpack them and often just ooh and aah all over them.  There is nothing quite like a two carat, colorless, flawless diamond.

So freaking beautiful.

We had unpacked these diamonds.  We were taking a look at them behind the counter. He held one up, locked in a pair of tweezers, and was holding it up to his ear like an earring, then the tweezers snapped shut, and the diamond went flying.

No one saw where it went.

These were not our inventory.

They were brought into the store on memo.

There was much frantic cleaning out of the cupboard, and checking in boxes and files furiously looking all over the store where this diamond could have possibly gone.

We came up dry.

We let it go for a little bit, and decided to look again later.

Fresh staff came in to work, and we asked them to look, thinking a fresh set of eyes would just see it.

Didn’t happen.

The diamond went flying shortly after 10 AM.

We still hadn’t found it at 8:30 that night.

Our sleaze ball boss was in full panic mode.  He started talking about how he could pay for it.  Actually calling his credit card company to see if he could get his credit limit raised on his card.  The other choice was that he would likely get fired.

The diamond retailed for twenty thousand dollars.

American money.

In 1994.

As we were getting ready to go, Sleazy Manager was about to call his manager and tell her what had happened.  He sat down at the back desk with the phone, crossed one leg up on the knee of the other leg, and out of the cuff of his pants the diamond falls out onto the floor.

This twenty thousand dollar diamond had been hanging out in the cuff of his pants.




For eleven hours.

To the bank, on his lunch hour, to pick up his dry cleaning, to go tan, all over the store, and most likely the mall.


Mea’s little “birthday stone” is not in the cuff of my pants.

It was the first place I looked after the floor.



3 Comments on “A Diamond in the Rough, or Something Like That”

  1. polwygle says:

    Amazing telling of this story, Kelly. Re-read it to my husband and he was riveted, too.

    Reminds me of a time I lost my anniversary ring but I don’t think I could capture the memory as well as you.

    PS I hope that you do find her birthday jewel and soon.

  2. Jen says:

    Oh, dear goodness. I bet the look on his face was just priceless. I hope you find the birthday jewel soon.

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