Today, we hosted a BBQ for our family and friends, primarily to get together before Mack and her boyfriend leave for Ohio.

We had a really nice turnout, and it was a lot of fun.

So much food. Crazy good eats.

I did get to meet the boyfriend’s mom, and as I expected from what Mack had told me, she was a little weird, but nice. She teared up a little, and hugged me. Which was also a little weird, but nice.

The kids were running around like maniacs, the adults were socializing, it was all good.

Then the kids tell us about a man in his underwear peeing in the weeds. Another guest saw the man in the public restroom, also in what appeared to be his underwear.

Another friend, who is a policeman, went to check things out after a little bit. He talked to the semi-naked peeing man, and discovered that he was just minding his own business. Doing laundry in the sink of the bathroom. Swimming/bathing in the semi-drained pond, that is full of ew. He must have been doing a little sun bathing, because as he came up from the pond he had two large pieces of cardboard covered with foil.

A little weird, a little creepy, but what picnic is complete without a little bit of semi-naked, peeing homeless man thrown in?

We should have offered him a plate. We had enough food to feed a small country.


One Comment on “BBQ”

  1. Jen says:

    I’m glad it went good, despite the weird dude appearance.

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