Mea is a lefty. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before or not.

I grew up being right handed in a primarily lefty world. My Momma is a lefty, too. For the most part, I am right handed, but there are quirky things I have always done left handed. Such as….I always batted left handed when I played softball,, but I still threw right handed, I wear my watch on my right wrist, primarily I use my left hand for stirring, and other cooking things, and other weird random things that I just learned to do left handed and haven’t stopped.

My oldest niece P is left handed, and when it became obvious that she was going to be a lefty, my Mom was over the moon to have another lefty in the family. Same thing with Mea, when she became left dominant my Mom was so excited.

I did not learn to tie my shoes until I was in third grade. My Mom tried and tried to teach me and I just could not get it. Finally, as a last ditch effort, my Dad showed me, and I have been tying my shoes ever since. I just couldn’t turn what my Mom was teaching me around in my head.

When we have had lefty brain, righty dominant issues with Mea we have my Mom or P show her how. Lesson learned.

There are times when I think Mea almost forgets that she is left handed. I have had to remind softball coaches, and gymnastics coaches many times over the years that my girl needs to do it the other way.

She took quite a while to figure out her cartwheel, and stupid me, I forgot for quite a while to mention her left handedness. After they showed her the right way for her, it was on.

Mea started Second Grade on Thursday. In normal after school fashion, I asked her about her day. She really likes her teacher, she is nice. She has made new friends already.

I also really like her teacher so far. She did really cute smart cookie presents on all of their desks. So cute. She seems really engaged and excited, and I love that.


As Mea and I were talking today, she said that her teacher asked all the students who in the class was left handed. She set all of the left handed kids on the end of rows so they wouldn’t be bumping elbows with their right handed class mates.

This is kind of genius. It also makes me wonder if she is a lefty herself.


It would take a left handed person to think of such a thing, seriously.


2 Comments on “Lefty”

  1. Holly says:

    Russ and Jackson are both left handed. We have going out to eat down to an art form as far as who-sits-where so we aren’t all bumping elbows.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m a lefty. The only one in the family. I love that her teacher did that! So much nice right there. Love the pic.

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